Monday, September 1, 2014

Ann's Note: September 2014

Well hello there,
   Wow this summer has been a blur and even though it sucks that it's over, I am powering through onto the things to be excited for starting this month and continuing onto the school year starting with our brand new schedule! For the past two years, television hasn't been a big thing in my life and though it still isn't very, I do have a few shows I am passionate about and were renewed for new seasons so every Thursday, I will be discussing my favorite shows; "Hannibal", "Supernatural", "American Horror Story", and "Criminal Minds" (new ones may be added too! Also, if "Full Frontal" gets a season 4, I'll be talking about that.) and the episode that week. I'm super excited to start with that (all the shows premiere in October so I will be starting then) since it will give me a bigger part in the communities of all those programs I love talking about.
  Onto what's going on in the fall, the thought of school coming back scares me yet makes me excited at the same time. Maybe just because I am starting high school which is especially stressful but I can't help but dread for the beginning of actually having to be productive again. I just don't think I will ever be ready for this to happen and therefor it being forced upon me is a good thing. Hey maybe I'll learn a thing or two or something like that.
   Anyways, I am going to end this post off with some photos from the time I become the less awesome Flower Violet  and took some kool bathtub shots. You've been you, I've been this thing: