Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back To School Lookbook

With school just around the corner (mine starts tomorrow!!!!!) I made up a lookbook of a couple of my favorite outfits and to have you guys basically get the gist of what my style for this upcoming year will be.
Outfit One
This year, I've decided I wanted to dress a little more gothic but when I found this plaid dress at Forever21, I could't resist. I also have quite a thing for peter pan collars so this is awesome. 
-What I'm wearing:
♥Forever21 Dress
♥Doc Martens

"Doo-Wah-Doo" was playing- how could you not?

I dance about the same way I did when I'm five.

Outfit Two
This is one of my comfortable outfits that still makes me look put together while not wearing a dress or skirt. I've become a huge fan of knit sweaters and I love how simple this Forever21 one is. The pearls give everything more of a formal look and add a pop to the simple top.
♥Hot Topic skinny jeans
♥Forever21 block sweater
♥Forever21 pearls
♥Buffalo Exchange boots

Outfit Three
This is one of my most typical outfits. I have had quite the thing for long, black, flowy skirts for awhile and last year I bought this awesome one from a thrift shop. Since I believe the look is too much if I wear a tight top under this (I'm really not crazy about elastic waistbands showing), I like draping a big sweater on over it.
♥Buffalo Exchange sweater
♥Thrift skirt
some shots of me in my rightful place

Outfit Four
This is my main go to for a causal outfit. Since I love band shirts and flannels (hold your lesbian jokes, I already drive everyone crazy making them myself), I like put them together under a pair of skinny jeans. 
♥Flannel: my uncle
♥Let Live Martyrdom Of Sex and Fame tee: Hot Topic
♥Jeans: Hot Topic

Outfit Five
I plan on wearing a whole lot of sweaters this year since I'm in love with draping and folding them over skirts. When I saw this shirt at a consignment shop, it automatically reminded me of my 5th-6th grade Sanrio obsession so I just had to go for it. 
Can I be one of those unattractive but in a cute way bloggers? Like is that even a thing? Can being really gross be my trademark???

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