Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bribry, Lights, and Sir Sly New Releases

    As the new season starts, that means all the more new music coming out! Though loads of artists are dropping singles, albums, and EPs in the next couple weeks, I'm only here to discuss some of my top bands and singers and the previews they've given on their latest releases.
   As most of you know, canadian singer/songwriter, Lights, is one of my favorites ever and I'm beyond excited for her latest album, Little Machines, to drop on September 23. So far, she has put out two singes, "Up We Go"and "Portal". Starting with this first one mentioned, I would just like to say Lights is a genius for giving her fans a preview of her latest album through that song. "Up We Go" is a super upbeat and fun tune that gets stuck in your head so easily. I'm not kidding, I had the thing on repeat for days! Releasing the slow ballad, "Portal", afterwards was also a smart move just to show how versatile she can be and my god is it gorgeous. I'd be excited regardless of how good the first two singles are since Lights is my favorite female singer but these two songs are perfection and I'm counting the days until Little Machines come out.
    Since seeing them open up for The 1975 at Terminal 5 last year, I've been obsessed with Sir Sly and was over the moon when they dropped the first single to their new album, You Haunt Me, (the single is also titled that). Unlike the other two artists who I talk about in this post, I believe this album is a much bigger deal since it's Sir Sly's very first! The Los Anglos based band has only released a four track EP and two singles (not to mention the "Marvin's Room" and "Afterlife"  covers) so in all, they haven't released much music. Just like "Up We Go", "You Haunt Me" was a very over played song in my Spotify library- I think the reason I'm so obsessed with it is because how chill it is. The entire song is very calm and minimalistic and just plain awesome. Their very first album will hit iTunes on September 16 and I could't be more excited.
   My favorite male singer in the entire world, Bribry, was just signed to a record label and I am extremely proud of him since he has been producing his own music for so long and this is a major step in his career. With the news of the signing, he also gave his YouTube subscribers a preview of his new single! Though it was only about thirty seconds of the song, from what I heard it sounds amazing. I love how he uses about every part of his voice in this one and the production is very different from what he's been doing for the past couple years. Bribry has also announced a tour and though he's only put up the pre-sale tickets to Glasgow, I have my fingers crossed for a New York City date because that would be the best thing ever and I'd no doubt sob a lot since he is like my all time favorite musician and wow I'm tearing up just at the thought of it.

   Anyways, expect long, full out, posts for each of these once they actually get released and I listen to them. You've been you, I've been extremely excited.

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