Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August Favorites

Welcome to September! Last month gave me a whole lot of time to become obsessed with some of the lovely things I am about to show you

Lush is a YouTube couple vlog channel created by Matthew Lush and Nick Laws in which three times a week, they video blog their day. Though what they do isn't always the most interesting (they mainly just go to Starbucks and Veggie Grill), I find it fascinating that they have been doing this since day one (their first vlog is Matthew asking Nick to be his boyfriend) and though watching their 165 video playlist of every single video they have ever made wasn't the most productive thing to do, I love that you really see their relationship progress from the two being kind of awkward around each other to moving into an apartment together.

♥Feminist Apparel
I found this clothing site's instagram a couple weeks ago and have been obsessed with their shop ever since! Feminist Apparel mainly makes graphic tees (from all different artists) with cute (and usually sarcastic) phrases about feminism. My all time favorites are the "Cats Against Catcalls", "Girls Just Want To Have Fundamental rights" , and the "Misogyny Kills" tees.

I have been loving australian vlogger, Troye Sivan's, videos for about a year now and when he announced his first real EP, I was over the moon. Trxye really displayed him as this grown man instead of the cute teenager on the internet and my god can he sing. My favorites off the EP are "Fun" and "Gasoline".  The "Happy Little Pill" music video was also gorgeous and I would recommend you 100% watching it.

♥Rose Wholesale
With school just around the corner and me having cleaned out basically everything from my wardrobe, Rose Wholesale was a perfect place for school shopping. Their stuff is super cheap, adorable, and surprisingly well made. 

♥Criminal Minds
OK this is obviously not a new obsession (that is made clear by the entire tag on this blog just made for the show) but it was recently added to Netflix so I feel the need to tell you about it. I'm talking all nine seasons which is awesome since season ten is in two months and why not spend all my time re watching everything just to get ready for it? Anyways, if you are yet to see Criminal Minds, I would seriously recommend it because it has to be not only my favorite crime show (I love love love anything crime related on TV) but just so incredible; not to mention a certain man is on it (cough cough Matthew Gray Gubler)

♥NYC Prep
I just discovered this one a couple days ago when my older cousin suggested it (we both have a love for shitty television) and I have to say, this is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. NYC Prep is a reality show following a group of privileged upper east side teenagers and their adventures through prep school. The entire cast and what they do is so ridiculous that the only way you can really watch this show is ironically; some gems include when the Chuck Bass character, PC, decided he was bi and one of the girls goes onto saying "I usually think being bisexual is lame but when PC does it, it's hot." or the time that PC finally did come out but instead of sitting his friends and family and breaking the news like a normal person, he hosts a "coming out party". I think what I'm trying to say is that PC's coming out is about the only actual interesting thing that happens in the show. 

Happy September!

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