Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Little Machines Preview

On Monday, The New York Times gave a preview of my favorite singer, Lights', latest album Little Machines on their "Press Play" feature (which by the way, is really cool). The first look included eleven songs off the upcoming compilation and my god I am so grateful I could listen to them early since they're all insane and will be listening to them on repeat for the next few days (screw waiting a week).
   The first song that I hadn't head off the preview was one of my favorites, "Running With The Boys". It's super upbeat and fun which I love about Lights and has a super catchy chorus that is so well written. Her voice is belt-y and gorgeous at the refrain and she sounds like herself while adding some "ah ah ah"s at the end- something she rarely ever does. Another one I loved was "Same Sea". Something I've noticed about this album is how killer the percussion is in every song. They all have clear drum lines that really bring them to life and "Same Sea" was no exception. I also am digging the amount of synth used in the interludes within Little Machines since it brings a little more pop into the mix. Onto the next song on the preview, "Speeding", I began to notice how fun and upbeat this album is- unlike her last album, Sibera, she is making her music much happier which really connects to her place in life right now. "Muscle Memory" comes next and though I'm not as into this track as the others, I think the chorus is super well written (A+ for parallel language Valerie). The piano in this one was also stellar. "Oil and Water" was the next track on the preview and I have so say it was one of my favorites. The chorus is extremely dreamy and she is constantly using riffs in her voice that could make anyone jealous. Also, as I said before, the drums in it are awesome. After that came "Slow Down", a loud song with a bunch of synth in it that was super well done- you've got to admire Lights for using just the right amount of synthetic sounds. Lights' voice can get so loud to the point where it sounds like she's shouting and she really showcased it in this song. "Meteorites" came afterwards and I really diid catch how cool the piano in this track is- as I said previously about her loud voice, this one was awesome for it and she sounded completely badass on it. This is less of a dance-y song yet is still fun and cool to sway to. I really got into the second to last track on the preview, "How We Do It", since it was super catchy and her voice sounded completely enchanting and almost trance like. You can basically see her dancing to it- the quotes in this one were also A+++. Last but not least, "Don't Go Home Without Me" came on and I really admired the slowness of this one since the rest were so upbeat. Her vocals are super breathy and almost choked (in a good way) as she sings the sad lyrics along with a steady drum beat.
   All in all, the preview of Little Machines was insane. Shout out to the New York Times.
Side note: can we also appreciate the photos for this new album because she looks like a goddess.

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