Sunday, September 28, 2014


   Hello there! This post will be a little different from my normal diaries since there are just a few simple things I need to discuss all involving this very blog. Starting off, we have a new header! It seems super lame saying it but my dad was the one who made it since he's a cartographer- I am still unsure if it'll stick because my OCD tends to get in the way of these things and I'm not completely sure if I am 100% happy with it. Over the past year and (over) a half, How Fitting has changed looks based on what this blog discussed- not to say it has changed very much in what type it has been. I mean we've had the same schedule ever since I made a steady posting routine but I mean my style has changed. I went from generic kiss marks as a background when I was really unsure how to even work a blog and skipping over a bunch of designs I already forget we ended up with a more magazine layout when I decided HF would work better as a zine
  You can kind of tell my style was pretty similar at this point and I kept with this background for a pretty long while until I got bored (as I do with about everything) and went onto the background I kept for the longest time which was actually a set of pins I had taken off of The Pulp Girls' website.
   On a side note, I would like to point out my desktop picture is this photograph of Matthew Gray Gubler and it continues to be the picture I use to this day because I can't find one I like more.

   Back to what this post was actually about, I then decided that since the whole running a zine thing wasn't exactly my style (in other words, I wasn't very good at playing Tavi Gevinson) and therefor went back into a more blog looking style where I was all about pastels and had more of a kawaii feel.
   At this point, I would like to think of myself as more grown up within this blog- I have been practically documenting my life and thoughts through this little nook of the internet and going through old posts is strange if not a little scary. Though I know I have a long ways to go, I would like to think of myself as marginally more mature than thirteen year old Ann who created How Fitting in the first place. My goals have become a little more clear on what I want to achieve and though I always had an idea of feminism on here, I believe my opinions have bloomed into something more put together and valuable.
   Onto another lame but somewhat significant announcement, I have written a novel! Yeah a huge hunk of paper of writing and everything! Though I won't be going into the long and boring details about it, it takes place in the 1950s at a traveling circus. The basic synopsis of the book is that struggling teenager, Dan, leaves his previous life of moving from town to town and living in an automobile due to his father's drinking problem and has the theme of what would really happen if you ran away to join the circus. Throughout the book, Dan really realizes how corrupt everything is within this show and ends up falling in love with one of the trapeze artists. I would have to admit it's slightly on the pretentious side but nonetheless, I have pride for it and thought that would be a cool thing to share with you guys.
 You've been you, I've been slightly more mature.

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  1. "Buena suerte" with your novel! It sounds really cool. I liked your blog at first sight. In a way, you remind me a little of myself when I was your age :)

    PS. that picture of Matthew Gray Guble is so insanely perfect