Sunday, August 31, 2014

Heading Toward Nowhere At The Speed Of Light

    The past couple days have been spent in John's basement as the TV plays some awful reality show and I sit in my permanent spot on the leather couch. John came back from camp about five days ago and I have seen him twice since. The first time was just the two of us- it was nice as we ate pasta at his kitchen counter and then spent the rest of the evening watching "Wife Swap" and then moving onto "Bet On Your Baby" since I didn't believe it could actually be a show (those forty minutes proved me wrong). We then hung out again on Sunday; Sam and Sophia were there and we ended up walking down to town, ordering a pizza, and bringing it up to the park outside his house as we played around with Samantha's new Polaroid and heard stories from John's camp.
 I think what I worry about too much is that people who will probably never give a shit about will like me. I drive myself crazy trying to be some person who's impressive and really out of what I'll ever be and end up hating myself in the end since I never get the conclusion I wanted and I believe that is one of the many things I will have to eventually solve but at the moment, I don't need to worry about someone else loving me or thinking I'm cool because I've got some pretty amazing friends that I can't imagine I ever deserve.
half plain, half chicken fingers and fries 


John looking longingly off into the distance 

"take a picture of me doing this cool pose"

"there's a hole in my pizza!"

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