Sunday, March 2, 2014

Synonymous Photoshoot

Synonymous Photoshoot: The Process

During this unrelenting, terrible winter, I only did a few photoshoots. The weather was brutal, and the overall mood of the winter was just dreary. But, on a relatively nice day in this horrible winter, I did my first band photoshoot. It was a totally new experience and very enjoyable, but at times difficult. I did it with the band Synonymous, which featured Adison, Frankie, Ema, and Monica- all of whom are beautiful with amazing talent. Prior to the photoshoot, I knew that as time went on, and this band got more popular, people would be choosing their favorite band member(s), so it was imperative that I also shoot individual shots as well as group shots. Another reason I shot individuals was to capture each girl's individuality, uniqueness, and personality. First, I took a trip to lead singer Adison's basement to hear this band practice. They were very good, and in listening to their music live I got a feel of their band type which helped me choose the background and feel of the photos. I took some starter shots of them singing and practicing, and even shot a video of them or two. Then I ventured outside in 40 degree weather with my black sketchers and no jacket, and started shooting. Obviously, taking a normal photo with four girls (who are all friends) would prove to be difficult. In the midst of them doing funny faces, protesting when I took their instruments away, and bursting out laughing about every fifteen seconds,  I did manage to get a few good group shots. Now it was time for individuals.  This was an amazing process, for I loved seeing each girls personality and quirkiness shine through. During this part of the shoot, I took one girl at a time to a different setting. No other people were allowed to be there during this (so the girl being photographed wouldn't be pressured by the other band members), so when one band member was being photographed, the other three girls had to just hang out on the porch. I took Adison to the front yard, outside of her house, because the tree she was near added a nice touch to the photos. I took Monica near the shed, for the shed's blue walls contrasted nicely with her blonde curls. I took Ema near the brown wooden fence and tree, because the rustic and earthy feel went nicely with Ema's beautiful mane of waves and tanned skin tone. I took Frankie to the back of the house where a vine of leaves grew, because the blue and green tones made Frankie's newly dyed hair (which was blue) stand out.  By the time of the second individual shoot, my toes were turning numb, and earlier during the shoot I took Monica's black fleece (although I don't know why I didn't take my own jacket). Then we took much more group photos, one including the band lying in the middle of the street, which I protested against. The band members were, at times, silly and uncooperative, but spending a few hours with some really good friends of mine was really fun. And we also got some great shots. 

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