Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fashion Bible: March

And we are back to March again! I find this post somewhat more important than the other fashion bibles for after all, the first ever How Fitting post was a Monthly Fashion Bible for March!
I love floppy cropped tanks for they are so easy to make anything look automatically casual and just fun. Since it is still Winter, I would suggest wearing skinny jeans (at least that is what I wear) or possibly leggings for bottoms.
OK how could you not love DIY patched jeans? I really like these bottoms for they have a personal touch to them and though you can buy them, I find it really cool that people take the time to make and collect these patches.
I have been really slouchy lately and have taken to wearing mostly sneakers because I'm boring. Though I basically just wear the same pair of white converse every day, I have a certain love for Vans (especially the floral kind) for not only are they super comfortable, they come in all sorts of styles and designs.
*Pictures from tumblr


  1. Lovely!

  2. I love those shoes!