Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dealing With Application Anxiety

Hi guys! I'm sorry this isn't a music post but applications have been a pretty relevant thing for me within the past couple weeks and I thought that I'd share some ways to get over the anxiety of filling an (mainly zine) application out.
Whenever I'm filling out an application for an online magazine, the questions are usually pretty generic.
"Why do you want to write here?"
"Tell us about yourself"
things along those lines. Though these aren't complicated questions, they still end up making me rather nervous. How much do I tell them about myself? What should I say? What will make me seem interesting? I end up psyching myself out over the stupidest little things to the point where a five minute question takes a half an hour to answer. I always want to make everything perfect and that is usually what ruins it. Stop obsessing over your answer. Should you think carefully about what you write? Of course! But that doesn't mean you should be freaking out over the same question!
Another tip getting over the anxiety sending an application gives you is to have someone else read it. I have at least two of my friends (my two blogger friends: Cherry and Marina) edit what I wrote before sending it in. After they go over it, I will look it over once more and finally, click send.
     Don't feel scared when you don't hear back for a couple days. Most zines have a very small staff and take a little while to go over every application sent in. Just wait it out. I am yet to have a zine never reply (they will at least write me a note saying I'm not what they are looking for).
Remember to just be patient and confident in yourself!

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