Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Skin Care Routine

In the morning, I use "Morning Burst: Skin Brightening Facial Cleanser" and "Morning Burst: Detoxifying Facial Cleanser" both by Clean and Clear. I have been using the face brightening cleanser for years now and it is seriously amazing. It has caffeine in it to wake you up and really made my face look way more bright. This really helps me especially over the school year when I have a lack of sleep. I recently added the detoxifying facial wash to my routine because I tend to touch my face quite a lot and the facial cleanser really helps to clean my face of the stuff on my hands. Both products have these awesome things called "Bursting Beads" that are apparently supposed to make the wash better though I just really love them for they look cool. Both facial cleansers are simple to apply. You basically take a pump, spread it over your face and neck area, and then wash off with water (I prefer for it to be cold to wake me up in the morning).

After brushing my teeth, I wash my face with "Essentials: Foaming Facial Cleanser" and "Essentials: Deep Cleaning Astringent" which are also by Clean and Clear. These are step one and two of the cleaner for oily skin (I didn't like the third step very much). To apply the foaming facial wash, I pump a bit out and run it over water until it gets foamy. I then put it on my face and neck and wash off. I apply the astringent with a cotton ball and rub it over the areas of my skin that are especially oily. Once I have gotten used to it more, I'm supposed to start washing my face with it twice a day. Both of these cleansers are super effective and though I've only been using them for a couple weeks, you can really see the effects.
After washing my face both morning and night, I put Face Values Gentle Skin Cleanser and Purify Toner by Atzen on my face. The gentle skin cleanser is great because it makes my face look much clearer and soft. Applying it is like any other facial wash (rub it in then wash off). I also really like the Atzen toner for it takes about two seconds to put on and really helps. I usually only spray three squirts on my hand then rub it in all around my face and neck but when I'm really breaking out, I'll apply more.


  1. Very simple and affordable. I wish I could simplify my regimen to this. But I love the smells of neutrogena products and those funky commercials:-P

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