Monday, March 10, 2014


Sorry guys for that weird absence! Last week was really crazy for me (the beginning of the month tends to stress me out with so many posts to write). Anyways, I'm back now!
Hoodie: Maggie hand-me-down
Leggings: Stolen from my sister
Beanie: Target
(makeup wise I just put on eyeliner and concealer for I was only going into town with a couple friends)

Denim shirt: I took from my Grandpa's closet
Scarf: H&M
Bettie Paige Tee: Forever21 Men

Top: yet another one of Maggie's
Cami: Forever21
Leggings: thrift

Blink182 Tee: Hot Topic (I cut it into a muscle tee)
Leggings: thrift
Combat Boots: Macy's (I bought them two years ago and then drew on them with metallic sharpie last year)

Paramore Tee: Hot Topic
Leggings: Thrift
Earrings: Xcessory

Friday Night
Tank: Target
Leggings: same ones
Cardigan: my aunt designed
(I wore no makeup for all I did was go out to dinner with a couple of my closet friends)

Sweater: Stolen from Viv
Beanie: Target
Leggings: Annie Sez

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