Friday, July 18, 2014

Nash Grier "Gay Scandal" (No One Is Surprised)

   Hello there again! Judging by the title, you must already know what this post is about (about every Internet human being has talked about it) but if you aren't familiar with our friend, Nash Grier, and his most recent scandal, I'm here to fill you guys in. Nash Grier became famous through his popular Vine account in which he dumps food on himself and other pointless shit but is best known for those big, blue eyes that quite a large amount of teenage girls adore. For those who have been reading this blog for awhile may recognize him from a post I did in January about his ever so lovely video about all his crazy expectation of girls (here). Anyways, a Vine of Nash's back from April was recently leaked after it had been deleted (as they say, the Internet is forever) of Nash claiming that HIV and AIDS are a gay only problem and then screaming "FAG!" rather obnoxiously into the camera. This video has gotten people from the gay community such as Tyler Oakley and Arielle Scarella talking about their opinions on the matter and has really gotten me thinking how I feel about this video.
   I am openly gay and though I know that not every homosexual person agrees with me on this but I hate the word fag. I think it is disgusting and shouldn't be used. Ever. I don't care if you are joking. Fag is not a term of endearment and I refuse to be told otherwise. This being said, I don't care who you are, I will not tolerate this word so when Nash screamed it, I couldn't help but feel offended. In addition, as I said in my other post concerning Nash, he has quite a lot of power with so many fans. Most of them are young, impressionable, girls. So when he uses gross and harmful words like "fag", this makes his fans think it is OK to say it since some douche bag on the Internet said it was.
   Since this Vine was leaked, Nash has apologized via Twitter and let me say it was rather underwhelming.

   As you can see, there is a lot wrong with this apology (such as the misspelling of apolagize). Starting off, I just need to make a point towards the first sentence. When you say the word "fag", you are meaning to hurt someone. That is literally what it is; an anti gay slur that is used to make someone feel bad about themselves and who they love. Onto the "young and stupid" part, this happened literally four months ago. He is now only four months older. I don't know about anyone else, but I wouldn't call Ann in April much younger than Ann today so why is Nash now significantly older? Another thing I don't like about this is that this boy is sixteen. Not ten years old. I am fucking fourteen years old and even I know that it is NEVER OK to call someone a fag- especially to my millions of fans. Nash Grier is capable of living on his own yet he can't even determine what is wrong to call someone. Though this apology is flimsy, the thing I hate the most about it is that this happened four months ago and instead of apologizing for it then like he should have, he only actually said sorry when he was getting in trouble and losing fans. If he was really sorry about the vine, he would have said this in April. Obviously, Nash Grier is not upset about calling someone a fag, he is upset about his loss of fans. 
   Later on, a picture of Nash kissing a supposedly gay fan was posted to his snap chat story as if that makes any sense. 
Can we just talk about how uncomfortable this guy looks? As if that isn't weird enough, in what way is this supposed to solve anything? This really shows a lot about Nash. He would rather do something stupid like kiss someone than actually use his words and proper actions for forgiveness. 
   Though this entire situation is extraordinarily upsetting, I think the worst part is that people continue to support Nash. I have even witnessed two girls at my school say that they are absolutely fine with him being a homophobe since he's hot and funny. There are so many people out there on the Internet who aren't misogynists against gay rights so why are we supporting this piece of shit? This being said, I do not forgive Nash and though I have heard a lot of points towards why what he did was OK, I stand by the obvious fact that it isn't OK to say fag.

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  1. Nash Grier is a total jerk! AIDS is a serious issue, and that homophobic vine just makes me super angry >:( Anyways, this kinda random but check out this hilarious vine: