Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How To: Space Buns (For Short Hair)

Space buns are my go to hairstyle for any bad hair day since they are super cute while still making my hair less gross and so here is my quick tutorial for these adorable buns for girls with short hair like me.
Step One
I wear my hair at a side part to the left but for this, I have to middle part my hair which looks pretty ridiculous as you can see. If you have bangs or a fringe like me, I would recommend separating them from the rest of your hair and tying them in a ponytail in front of your face.

Step Two
Now that your hair is parted, separate it into two even pigtails. This now depends on high you want them. Since my hair is pretty short, I go for about a medium sized length. I usually start with the left side first and bring it up and make it into a bun. Now, just like the first side, do the next one.

Step Three
I usually don't get the buns perfectly on the first try (they are most likely uneven) so I play around with height and how tight the buns are (I sometimes like them kind of loose and messy).
Step Four
This part really depends on how long your hair is but since this is meant especially for girls with short hair, I usually have to put a thin headband and a few clips in just to get that extra hair that wasn't long enough to go into the buns (my hair is on an angle) out of there.

And that's it! I would love to see pictures of your lovely faces and how the buns turned out so feel free to send them to How Fitting's email (!

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  1. yayy this is so good I have been struggling to find stuff to do with my short hair but this is perfect