Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Foxes: Glorious

   Let me introduce you to my latest obsession: Foxes. I first about the british singer through the Fall Out Boy song, "Just One Yesterday" where she was featured (and looking ultra cute in "The Youngblood Chronicles" might I add) and wanted to find out more about her since her voice is so district and gorgeous. That is when I found out she sung one of my least favorite songs ever, "Clarity", which was a huge turn off. At the time also (this was last summer), she had only really come out with her single, "Youth", which in my opinion, doesn't nearly showcase all her talent. I hadn't really listened to much of her other music for awhile up until about two weeks ago when I discovered she had released a full length album called Glorious. I was pretty skeptical at first since none of the other music Foxes has done has been all that amazing but I decided to give it ago and I can most definitely say that she blew my expectations out of the water.
   One of the best things about Glorious is that there is a great possibility of the songs being big hits on the Top 40 but they aren't mundane or anything you've ever heard before. Foxes' voice is just so weird and wonderful that anything she sings sounds different but even the actual lyrics and beat are distinct and unlike anything on the radio today. Just on first listen, I could easily tell which songs were going to be great hits to dance along to such as my favorite, "Let Go For Tonight", which is a super fun, upbeat, song that gets stuck in your head like an ear worm. I'm also a huge fan of the slower tracks on the album like "Night Glo" and "White Coats". Even the big single, "Holding Onto Heaven", is awesome and I could totally stand listening to it on the radio unlike her last summer song (cough cough "Clarity"). 
   All in all, Glorious could only be described as glorious (see what I did there?) and I know this will be my soundtrack to the summer (funny enough, Fall Out Boy's Save Rock and Roll was my summer album last year) and I recommend 100% that you listen to it!


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