Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Discussion Involving G.B.F

   Wow Ann yet another post about homosexuality? I realize this topic has been pretty dragged out but in my Sunday Diary this week, I discussed my issue with being the "gay friend" and why not kill two birds with one stone by writing a movie review and discussing the issue I promised to write more in depth about?
   Starting off with the movie, I watched this teen comedy a few weeks ago and thought it was one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen because it's hard to deny that it isn't. The film follows a high school in which the gay best friend (otherwise known as GBF) is the new trendy thing and everyone is looking for one including the three girls (all with stupid names) running for homecoming queen. In the midst of this, Tanner and his group of "edgy alternative kids" (including Sadie from "Awkward") are basically just rolling their eyes at this because they're too good for anything all except for Brent who is constantly pressuring Tanner into coming out so he could become popular. The one thing that I continue not to understand is that Brent himself is gay yet just decides to live vicariously through Tanner. Anyways, a whole thing happens with a LGBT club made up of entirely straight people and Tanner is out of the closet. The three "queen bees", Fawcett, 'Shley, and Caprice, (I wasn't kidding about the dumb names) are now after him to try and turn him into the stereotypical GBF. A lot of shit happens in between but things actually get important about an hour and a half in when Tanner makes a speech after he won prom king. He explains that he doesn't want to get "gay married" or be a "gay friend" or have a "gay relationship" and he wants to be a friend, have a relationship, and possibly even get married. The entire movie ends pretty typically with all the cliques forming together and everyone living in peace without GBFs. You have to see the film to be able to understand how surreal and overdone it is but all and all, it's an important message.
   I understand full well that being a gay female does have it's differences from being a gay man (what the film focuses on) but there are still many personal connections I made through watching GBF. For starters, it's in the name: Gay Best Friend. I came out about a month ago and when I informed some of my not so close friends that I still talk to regularly that I was a lesbian I got a lot of reactions such as
"wow now I have a lesbian friend!" which though I know they meant well, I wasn't too happy about. I tried to stress when I came out that I was the same exact person I was before and all of a sudden, this label made me feel like someone else. Like most human beings, I have had friends and they have all referred to me as their friend, Ann. This new title of "lesbian friend" made me feel a whole different way. I mean I don't refer to Emma (for example) as my straight friend so why would anyone feel the need to put my sexuality into a relationship title? Before I go on, yes I do realize that I am part of a minority but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy being thought of as a rarity. My sexuality has been a very important thing in my life (especially since I obsessed over it when I was questioning) but that doesn't judge my character or relationship title.
   Onto the actual plot of the movie. After Tanner was outed, everyone wanted to be his friend though they barely even knew him. The film really tries to emphasize how ridiculous that is and I absolutely love how they did so. Since I came out, so many more people have been talking to me (with mainly questions and comments like "you're so brave!") and that's really strange for a person like myself. I have always been very introverted and to myself and now that I've let this little secret out, kids who I haven't talked to in years are all of a sudden taking an interest in speaking to me. I was even invited to a party this week because they wanted a lesbian there (which is insanely stupid might I add). This has also given me a weird relationship with guys. Boys are now telling me that I'm their "straight crush on a gay girl" and that I'm awesome (which is definitely not true) and though these are all nice things that I do appreciate it's still strange. I mean no guy (who isn't my friend) wanted to talk to me two months ago and now that I'm out, I'm considered "hot" (which I am positive is an invalid statement).
   To sum it up, GBF is a really ridiculous movie with a pretty great message and I'd rather not be anyone's gay friend.


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