Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Favorites

   One of my favorite months of the year have come to an end and like most, I'm getting pretty anxious for the end of summer coming around but instead of focusing on that, I'm here to talk about my favorites this month:
I Just Hate
I found this blog while looking up pictures of Glee's couple, Blaine and Kurt (don't ask why) and instantly fell in love. They mainly discuss television shows from "American Horror Story" to "Ravenswood" and are super hilarious, putting the post into three sections: why I hate it, why it's worth watching (in which they just make fun of it more), and a summary of the episode. I will also have to add that their reviews of "Glee" are the best I have ever read.

Ellie Jayden
I have been following this Irish beauty on her YouTube channel for a couple months now and have recently started reading her blog which I have to say is fantastic. She has an awesome and unique sense of style  and really meaningful things to say- she's definitely one of my new favorite bloggers.

I found out about this Pennsylvania based band when I bought tickets to see them, Rookie Of The Year, and Say We Can Fly at a show at the Knitting Factory (I wanted to see Braden Barry OK?) and since I was going to be sitting through one of their sets to see Say We Can Fly, it seemed like a good idea to at least check out some of their music. I had quite the obsession with their album, A Beating Heart Is A Bleeding Heart, for awhile and then went onto their other music which is so amazing. Needless to say, I'm over the moon to see them on Monday.

♥Kim Kardashion: Hollywood Life
This one was pretty obvious choice for a favorite. Though the game is mainly tapping things for money, stars, and level ups, there is something there that is addictive. I mean it first starts off with becoming an A lister. For me it was a need and I wouldn't stop until that happened but once you complete that, you need to be #1 which is a journey within itself. Throughout the game, you have to deal with your needy manager, Simon, go to photo shoots, appearances at clubs, walk the runway, and buy fancy homes all over the world. At the moment, my goal is to buy a purse in every color. As you can tell, this game is a good use of my time. 

♥Prêt A Manager
Over the past few weeks, I have been spending most my time at this sandwich shop (mainly the one on 27th and 7th) and have fallen in love with their meatball wraps. Pret is a chain throughout New York City (or at least thats only where I've seen it) and their whole thing is making fresh, healthy, food. I would have to admit that I've spent way more time than I should have there.

♥Felt Floppy Hats
I was on vacation at the beach this week and since I have dyed hair that I wanted to keep dark, I needed a hat to wear in the sun. At Forever21, they had a whole assortment of them for ten bucks and let me tell you, they go with about everything. 

♥Orange Is The New Black
Though I've been watching the Netflix series for a couple months now (I finished season two last month), I just recently picked up the biography it was based on and fell in love. Though I'm not a huge fan of Piper on the show, I really do appreciate her in the novel and think it is extremely well written. 

♥Laverne Cox
Speaking of Orange Is The New Black, I am absolutely in love with the actress of Sophia, Laverne Cox, and how amazing a role model she is. I especially love her interview on "CBS This Morning" where she corrected Gayle King's trans terminology. All in all, I think she is an extremely intelligent woman who I have been looking up to very much

Have a happy August!

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