Saturday, May 10, 2014

We Were Just Two Lovers Crying On Each Other's Shoulders

   I will start this off by apologizing for not having written one of these in weeks. I guess I had to clear my head or (insert some lame excuse here) or maybe it was that I am just so drained on what to write about in here anymore. I want to say things are going good but I'm not sure that's the right way to put everything, I feel secure in my friend group at school just it seems as though every other relationship I used to have outside is crumbling. I haven't talked to some of my internet friends in weeks. Months even. Which breaks my heart for I don't understand how two people can go from talking every day to barely even texting "hey".
   I want to do so many things yet when it really comes down to actually accomplishing anything, I can't leave my house or room or bed. One positive thing did happen last week though. I got an email from Nordstrom saying I made it onto the 2014-2015 fashion board! I was super shocked by all of it and am equally anxious and excited to get started. Other than that, not much else has happened within the past couple weeks. My days mainly consist of binge watching "Criminal Minds" and listening to Hazel Hayes and Tom Law's cover of "Ghosts" on repeat.

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  1. Congrats with the Nordstorm thing, they need you as a style muse! Omg i cant wait till summer. Im gonna watch copious amounts of supernatural and criminal minds. Thats one of my goals...