Saturday, May 3, 2014

I'm Flesh and Bone, I'm a Rolling Stone

Batman tee: Vintage from my mom's coworker's mother
Shorts: Hand me down (Maggie of course)
Shoes: My mom (her friend is an artist and got one of her painting on a pair of shoes that I ended up stealing from my mother)

Top: thrift
Shorts: thrift
Hoodie: stolen from a friend
Headband: Icing

Leggings: thrift
Paramore tee: Hot Topic
Houndstooth socks: Macy's
Shoes: Doc Martens
Bird cage necklace: Pier One (I seriously wear it at least once every week)

(I will also give you the gift a photo of that hour I spent after school being a scene kid with Vivi)

Top: Annie Sez
Leggings: thrift
Collar necklace: Consignment

Tank: thrift
Shorts: thrift (if you haven't noticed, they're the same ones from Monday-I realize how gross I am)
Flannel: my grandfather's
Houndstooth socks: Macy's (same from Tuesday-I am running out of clothes)
Shoes: Doc Martens (I wear them every single day)

Can we talk about how much I look like peanutbutterellietime in this picture?
Surf board blouse: Vivi's (I slept over at her house on Thursday)
Shorts: also Vivi's

*title from "Therapy" by All Time Low

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