Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lets Talk the "This Is Gospel" Piano Version

  On May 14, Fueled By Ramen surprised us with the rather ambiguous video of Panic At The Disco's Brendan Urie performing a piano cover of "This Is Gospel". The first time I clicked on the video I was unsure how to react. Like what was going on? For those of you who haven't seen it, (it's at the bottom of this post-I would highly recommend watching it) it begins like any other solo piano cover would. Brendan walks into what looks like an empty alley with a large, gorgeous, white piano in the middle. Before I go on, I'd just like to mention how beautiful the vocals are in this video. Don't get me wrong, I love how fun Panic's techno feel is but hearing this lead singer's pure voice was pretty magical and the piano made everything more authentic.
   As we reach the chorus though, things begin to get a little more exciting. Confetti, fruit loops, and puff balls begin to fall out of nowhere to make a more Panic At The Disco vibe to it and everything is just really pretty and fun to look at but I think the part where I, myself questioned the video was around the second chorus line where a glass bottle breaks. Brendan's sunglasses fly off and there are eggs and milk flooding all over the once clean piano. Fried chicken is now falling from the sky too and purple paint is everywhere. Spaghetti tops it all off in the end and we can barely see the white from the piano. Brendan's fancy suit is covered in bits of food and his hair has come out of the nice quiff that must have taken forever to style. As the song comes to a close, Brendan walks off while getting blue and purple paint to finish off the job of ruining the suit.

    Yeah the entire thing is pretty ridiculous and terribly funny to watch but when I really looked into it, this representation fit the song perfectly and got me thinking what "This Is Gospel" is really about. The hit has a theme of falling apart and deteriorating. I mean it pretty obvious (they say "the fear of falling apart" about eight times). And as the video goes on, not only does the set begin to get grosser and grosser but Brendan himself begins to almost fall apart. His movements are much quicker and less carefully planned out and his psychical appearance changes drastically too. The clean suit and hairstyle he had when he walked in is gone by the end and covered in bits of what was thrown on him. Everything gets weirder as Brendan's mind begins to deteriorate and he just seems to want to hold onto some of his sanity as he bangs on the piano keys.

   And then there is the end. As Brendan walks off, he begins to fix the cuffs of his jacket as if to just try and stop what has already happened and the final strike hits as he it covered in paint.
    I found the entire video to be so beautiful and well done and I would recommend watching it 100%.

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