Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Favorite Episodes Of "Criminal Minds"

With the release of part one of the season nine finale last Wednesday and part two coming out tonight, I figured it was appropriate to list my favorite episodes of "Criminal Minds"!

   Episode fifteen in season one follows Spencer as he is kidnapped inside of an unsub's house. I am huge fan of whenever the unsub is religious and perverts religion in their reasons to commit their crimes so I naturally loved how Tobias Hankel used "God's will" as his reasoning to kill his victims. Also, I became extremely interested in Tobias's multiple personality disorder and how different he not only became in his voice but body language and how he speaks whenever he turns into one of his different personas. I realize how unpopular this opinion is especially within the gubloid fandom but the future of the show would not be nearly as well done if this episode hadn't happened. After being kidnapped, Reid has some very obvious changes in personality and even in "Angels" (the latest episode) he hesitates on the word, "torture". In addition, Spencer would not have developed as well as a character without his addiction to dilaudid (a drug Tobias gave him) and the dreams he had while he was knocked out gave the audience a look into Spencer's past and his family (which becomes important later on). Overall, the entire episode was extraordinarily well done and definitely my favorite one.

Seven Seconds 
    This is episode was much less violent (I don't think there is any violence in this one to be honest) and therefore a lot different what "Criminal Minds" has done before. Though it wasn't nearly as well written as others, the case for some reason made me insanely interested. "Seven Seconds" is all about a little girl who has gone missing in a mall and the team has to work against the clock to find her. As they do so, they uncover secrets within the family leading up a seriously unexpected plot twist in the end. To add onto all this, the scene where Spencer talks to the victim's cousin about girls is pretty cute.


Mosely Lane
    I was pretty nervous to watch this one for I have heard it was one of the scariest episodes and if I haven't said it enough, I get scared by about everything. I would have skipped it but I ended up watching it for the sole purpose that Matthew Gray Gubler had directed this one (he is known for directing all the freaky ones) and from the articles online, the plot didn't seem that terrifying. The team flies in to investigate and missing girl and soon make the assumption that the abductors could be the same ones who kidnapped a cop's son eight years ago. To be honest, it wasn't very scary at all (and you know it has to be pretty basic since I'm saying it) and has a very Hansel and Gretel feel with the whole crematorium and parents. There's also a bonus with fetus Evan Peters being a victim.

The Performer
    I have such a level of appreciation for this one. Season five episode seven follows the case of several murders with the victims having "The Liar" written in blood on their arms. The BAU arrests a popular goth singer who goes by the stage name, Dante but by the end of the episode, you realize that it was his manager committing these murders to promote his latest album. Everything in "The Performer" has a humorous edge to it and is unique from any other case in "Criminal Minds".

All That Remains
   One of my favorite kind of cases are ones with seemingly perfectly normal families. "All That Remains" is all about a case to find two girls who are missing after a single dad calls the police two days after their "abduction". Secrets about the daughters and father unravel as the throughout episode and it all ends up with a giant (and unexpected) plot twist involving who really committed this crime.

    The twelfth episode of season eight is probably one of the most famous episodes of "Criminal Minds" and definitely on my list of favorites. As if I don't mention it enough, I have an extremely strong love for Spencer and when his girlfriend is suspected to have been kidnapped by her stalker, I was instantly interested. Though the way everything plays out is A+, my favorite part about about this episode is that it shows you a whole new side of Reid. You really see the passion he has for this woman and the end is heartbreaking.

The Wheels On The Bus
    This is one most definitely goes on the list of weird cases the BAU has solved (we are not even going to go into "The Lesson") in which two brothers are re creating a video game using real life high school students who they kidnapped from a bus. The victims aren't very memorable (when are they ever?) though it was a serious bonus to see Devon Werkheiser (Ned's Declassified) as one of the main students. What made me fall in love with the episode though was the brothers. The unsub's back stories always fascinate me but the story of two brothers who were addicted to video games to the point of actually reenacting one amazed me.

Heathridge Manor
    Yet another Matthew Gray Gubler directed episode! Though I have heard this one is also pretty freaky, I went for watching it anyways and was instantly hooked on the unsub's obsession with the devil (as I have said before, I love when religion is involved) and though James isn't very interesting, his sister, Lara was the real focus. She is obviously trying to live a normal life under her controlling older brother and you see her patience begin to run out as you get farther and farther through the episode. What made it so memorable though was the last scene. Just when you think Lara will finally have the average teenager life she has been hoping for after James is locked up, a man of some sorts knocks on her door and tells her that it is her turn to carry on the devil's beliefs but as the camera focuses on another shot, no one is there.


Somebody's Watching
    Wow yet another Spencer Reid focused episode! What a surprise! The actual case in this one is pretty basic (a television star is being stalked) but the moments between the victim, Lila, and Spencer are adorable as she tries to flirt with awkward Reid. I especially love the famous pool scene in which she kisses him (it was MGG's first on screen kiss).

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