Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ann Shows You Clothes and Books

This weekend, I went to Forever21, my favorite thrift shop, and Barnes and Noble for a bit of early summer shopping and here are things I bought!
   My mom found this somewhere in the woman's blouses section (I never really go in there) and her reasoning for why I should try it on is for "it's a good shirt to play ukulele with" (it's also pretty fabulous). It looked awesome on and I can't wait to wear it with a pair of high waisted shorts.
   This was on a wrack by the dressing room and I instantly fell in love with the lace at the bottom. They're a little baggy at the bottom but I will probably grow into them. Other than that, they look awesome and will be great with a tight fitting top since they're so loose.
   At a thrift shop, my first stop is always the men's shirts section for I tend to find a large amount of band merch there. On Sunday though, I wasn't very lucky but did find this loose fitting, black, muscle tee that will look great with about anything.
   I found this beauty in the vintage section and fell in love. I plan on cutting the sleeves and turning it into a V-neck but other than that, this top is super cute and will look great with about anything.
   I really lucked out on finding high waisted shorts that day. I plan on wearing these light blue ones with a cropped top or tank. They are a bit long but look great rolled up!

   I love the grunge feel of these American flag shorts and they will look great with about any tee (I tried it with my Nirvana one and it looked ace).
   I needed a pair of just plain black shorts and these looked super nice with all my band tees. I like how they are slightly high rise and have small pleats.
   As you may be able to tell, I have a thing for high rise shorts and couldn't pass these up. Since I am rubbish at sizes, they are a little big but I'm hoping I'll grow into them!
   I am in love with the edgy and formal feel of these shorts and they give about every top I pair them with a more put together look.
   Viv gave me a pair of overall shorts a couple weeks ago and I have fallen in love so I instantly had to buy these cute polka dot ones! I love how silky and light weight they are and give off such a preppy vibe.
   These tapestry shorts are probably my favorite thing I bought that day. They're so unique and pretty and make about everything look rather classic.
Barnes and Noble
   I began reading this the minute we got home and instantly fell in love. I go into more detail about Girls To The Front in my post about my favorite books.
   I can't really say much about Cameron and The Girls since I only just started but the main plot is that a teenager named Cameron who has schizophrenia has gone off of his medicine and begins to hear voices in his head. From what I have read so far, it is pretty interesting.

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