Saturday, June 1, 2013

Things You Must See: June

Extremely sad news here guys. With me going off to camp on the 23, there will be no posts until four weeks later. I don't think anyone is more sad than I am about all this. Meaning this is my last "Things You Must See" before I leave for camp! I like to look on the bright side of everything and me going off to camp really isn't a tragedy. I love camp! Anyways, I am EXTREMELY exited to share with you the things you must see for the month of June!
For May, I was mostly jamming out to artists such as Bethan Mary Leadley, Luke Cutforth, and Bribry! One thing all three of these singers have in common is that they are all youtubers! With Luke Cutforth being a more comedic singer, he still has "We Were" and "A Million Years" which are unique and extremely well written. Bethan's songs are more classic and personal. If you have ever seen her videos you can see her personality shining through in her songs. My all time favorite of her songs would have to be "If Taylor Taught Me Anything" for you can seriously hear real emotion blasting in her voice. To talk about Bribry, I can only say that his voice is gorgeous. Seriously, when I first heard his song "Staying Together" for the first time, I was blown away. This guy is talented beyond anything. His music is different and so almost magical.
My Play List:
June Music
I will admit. I haven't been watching much television. So instead of talking of a new show that I've been watching, I chose to talk about an old one that I have been crazy for for a long time. Catfish is one of the most intense and suspenseful shows I have ever seen for the reason for you never know what could happen. This MTV show revolves around the topic of online relationships in which filmmaker Nev, goes to different cities meeting people who have been talking to others online for awhile and seek to find if they say they really are. Every episode makes you wonder up until you find this mysterious person. I have to say Catfish gives everyone a window into the weird and wonderful world of online relationships.
Again with my problem with staying on one book. I absolutely love to read but I can't help but start a new novel in the middle of another one! This month, I am proud to say that I finished another one! Winger by Andrew Smith was extraordinary I must say. With the main character, Ryan Dean being the most angst-y teenager in world, the entire novel is interesting and extremely funny. The best part was I could seriously relate to Ryan in my own life and understood where he was coming from.
Is this just a time where there are no good movies in theatres? Could you call this a movie drought? Have no fear! Charlie McDonnell is here! With Charlie's new short film "The Tea Chronicles", I have been extremely exited! With people such as Chris Kendall, Khyan Mansly, and Jenny Bingham nothing can be better! I oddly cannot entirely explain the eleven minute film for it could have been one of the weirdest things I have seen. I mean, how many of us has seen a physiological horror comedy about tea? Yet another strange yet amazing video from Charlie.

There you have it! Some truly awesome stuff to enjoy for June! Out of total excitement for anyone to see it, I put "The Tea Chronicles" below for you to watch!
Happy June!

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