Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Extra: Trolls 2

Before I begin my rant, I'd like to thank my best friend Vivi for thinking this topic up a couple months ago. You kind of sorta saved my life when I was tapped out on ideas this week.
Now that I have that covered, I have probably the best thing ever to unveil to you. Trolls 2. As some of you may know, I have a strong love for bad movies and when Viv and I sat down and watched this movie, I came to the realization of my love for bad HORROR movies. OK OK maybe for the reason that I have and will not watch any other horror movie besides "We Need To Talk About Kevin" and that right there is already terrifying to me.
Trolls 2 focuses around a very strange little boy who keeps seeing his dead grandpa Seth. Hence Vivi and I's favorite line "you must banish him from your mind." I mean who the hell even says that? As Josh and his family go on a house exchange trip to the mysterious town "Nilbog" he finds what his grandfather warned him about- goblins. Please don't ask me why the movie is called "Trolls 2" if it is entirely about goblins. Lets just keep it as one of life's mysteries. Skip a ton of bad acting and tons of memorable lines and scenes such as a boy watching a girl turning into a plant and him screaming "They're eating her! And now they're going to eat me!", Josh peeing on a plate of food that has been poisoned by the goblins his family refuses to believe and his Father screaming  "You don't piss on hospitality!", and Josh looking into a mirror and realizing Nilbog is Goblin spelled backwards. Josh ends up defeating the goblins that are about to eat his family by eating a turkey sand which and tapping a stone wall. Have we found a new way to defeat monsters? Finally, the family travels back home after three of their friends have been eaten and all four of them seem surprisingly sane. The movie concludes with an actual scary scene in which the suspense kills you about what is happening to the mom downstairs until you find her being eaten by the goblins that somehow found them. The ending line being "want some Josh?". Leaving the audience not exactly sure what the hell they went through.
This exact movie was used in the documentary "Best Worst Movie" which to make a long story short was the best thing I have ever spent my time watching. Well maybe next to Hank Green dancing...
I brought up this topic as my Friday Extra this week in appreciation of terrible movies like this. Do people make terrible films to give others something to gif the hell out of and watch ironically? I am not searching for the answer. Instead I give a big "Thank You" to those who have given me Trolls 2 and the Barbie series.
Thank you for the crappiest movies ever made. 
I just had to add it.... Enjoy Hank's full dougie....

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