Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Camp Must Haves- Beauty

With most of you heading off to camp either around this time or sometime in the Summer, what better way to break in a Summer or blogging other than the must-haves for everyone at a sleep away camp?

Shower Bag
I keep my shower bag in my laundry bag. I suggest you get a waterproof bag so you will be able to take it in the shower and get it wet!

Cosmetic and Beauty
Shaving Cream and Razors
Shaving products are definitely something I could never live without at camp. I prefer EOS shaving cream for the reason I like EOS but whatever smells good is fine with me.
Tooth Brush and Tooth paste
Since I am the coolest person ever, Vivi and I are taking Barbie toothbrushes to camp. I suggest you get a toothbrush cover to protect what goes into your mouth from whatever else is in your shower bag.
Hair Bands 
What could I do without a pack of hair bands and head bands to keep the hair out of my face? I suggest taking a full pack of bands so you can share them with your cabin mates (who likes someone who won't share?) and for I lose them all the time! I also take a hairbrush and "Straight Away" just in case my lion mane hair won't cooperate with me. In addition, since I will not have a bathroom this year, I am taking a hand mirror with me so I can check how I look inside my cabin.
Shower Items
Some of my camp friends bring large bottles and some even will bring multiple conbtainers of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. I find that completely crazy! I do bring my own medium products then borrow ones every once in a while from other friends.
Face Wash
No need to break out at camp! I always take a tube of my favorite face cleanser just to make sure ta

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