Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Psychedelia in Tom Milsom

The name seems to describe itself. Just sitting there you seem to blend into the music like some weird human/music smoothie (bad simile?) you mind melds into the beat and your mouth has been singing the words for so long you forgot that you were even chanting the lyrics. It's hypnotizing and peaceful and you just want to sink into it.
Over the past few weeks, I have been feelings more and more peaceful with everything going on and the punk rock that I normally listen to on a regular basis is all to emotional for my moods. So instead of clicking repeat on All Time Low or any other punk bands, I've gone for the mystical Tom Milsom. Tom's voice has become so calming and mysterious that I could just drift off into the tune or lyrics and never come back. His voice drifts over you head like a cloud and stays there just floating above your head and eventually, you become part of the cloud and are floating with it. In his new song "Take Me Out" the drum in the background plays but instead of waking you up from reality, it draws you in and ketches the whole song together like a belt. Don't even get me started on the guitar. The bass of the instrument seems to echo in my brain and calms my nerves. Everything in this song clicks together into one soothing path out of the world and into a mystical new Earth.
Tom has always had this "twinge" in his music that I've always loved. Most of the music I am normally listening to is much more intense and can calm me but Tom's lyrics and melodies can just send me off into just such a peaceful mode. 

Best Of Tom Milsom

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