Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Diary: Foot Cast and Memory Glasses

Dear Blob,
This week could be all wrapped up in a little box with the three words: cast, sucks, and bat mitzvah. 
on Monday I had a Doctor's appointment for my foot that had been aching for the past couple weeks. Even though my mom had insisted it was tendinitis for I had had it in fifth grade because of my god awful UGGS phase, I immediately denied it saying that there probably was nothing wrong with my foot. I hate it when my mom is right. With the soft cast being all too thick to be able to get through my ultra skinny jeans, the nurse supplied me with a pair of shorts. Long, navy blue, basketball shorts. While I was dying of embarrassment, my mother was laughing about how I had it coming for wearing my Urban Outfitters cat flats while walking to school. I was then given a black boot for my cast and headed out in my dreadful outfit. While thinking of ways to decorate my cast, I came out with the best thing to write across the side. In a bronze sharpie marker I scrawled "Everybody sucks yeah we all make mistakes", my favorite Hank Green quote. I then wrote "everyone sucks" on the edge of the soft cast to show off my pure hatred for my foot situation. Even though the entire day mostly consisted of pure world suck, the first ever episode of "Full Frontal" with Jack and Alex broadcast and at least gave me a little reassurance that this week wouldn't be all that bad.
Tuesday I had now decorated the boot for my cast with a set of metallic markers to match the old combats that I had drawn on. I was greeted with finals reviews in about every class. This test is speeding ahead. 
Thursday was about the only day that I actually did anything productive. Well aside from Wednesday,in which I collected a great deal of poems for my music themed poetry anthology for English. Anyways, I finally finished the halter shirt that I'd been working on! 
I had two camp bar and bat mitzvahs this weekend so on Friday my mom and I went on a mini road trip down to my grandparents house to stay with them for the Pennsylvania parties. We ended up stopping at a large thrift store and coming out with a grand total of eight shirts, two pairs of pajama pants, a dress, and a charm bracelet. Do I have a thrift shopping problem? Maybe... 
Saturday was my friend Charlotte's bat mitzvah which I showed up in a single heel and my boot. Talk about being lob sided. The service ticked on slowly and my friend, Lily tried to do my makeup in the bathroom. I literally looked like a zombie. I then became the awkward girl carrying the suitcase for I had planned to sleep over at my friend Halle's. Being an introvert though, I ended up going back to my grandparent's house after the party though. During lunch, my camp friends and I created a little something called a "memory glass" in which we filled water glasses up with mementos from the day. Giveaways, name cards, snippets of the centerpieces. Anything we could find. We then filled the cup with water and poured hot wax over the entire thing to seal it all in. You can imagine the parent's annoyance. I then drove back to my grandparent's house in which we went out for Chinese and basically ordered the entire menu. Nice job. We then went to the nearest Barnes and Noble in which I planted myself on the floor in the Teen's section. There is just something about book stores in which I fee so comfortable. I still can't seem to understand why people at my school think that saying they don't read is cool. Suit yourself. While I'm reading, you can duck face and cry out "YOLO Swaggie". I ended up purchasing what seems to be the coolest memoir ever. "Rapture Practice" shows a lot of promise. Making fun of your own beliefs and talking about your teenage years. Anything better? 
Sunday morning I was suipposed to be going to my friend Shayne's bar mitzvah but my foot was aching like hell (another week of the cast) and I felt almost embarrassed to show up. Instead of going to the party, I ended up being a mush all day with my aching foot and sitting on the couch reading the book I had bought the night before (which by the way is amazing). The rest of the day was a drive back to New Jersey with just my mom, myself, a box of Saltines, Sour Patch Watermelons, Chex Mix, and the radio blasting all the crappy tunes you could name for I couldn't seem to get my Idobi app to work. 
Foot casts, ruining property, and thrift shopping. How was your weekend? 
Play list
With me having put another Diary play list in a previous post this week, this one is much shorter than most of my regular ones. I included three of the best All Time Low remixes of Weightless, Poppin Champagne, and Damned If I Do Ya. I then put a couple Never Shout Never tracks for they are becoming on of the most listened artists on my Spotify library. To top it all off, I put a couple of my favorite Hank Green songs!Sunday Diary 4
Life Scouts
With May coming to an end, I have one last badge to share with you guys from Childhood month and one badge from my first week of June's "Carnival Month". I am also proud to say that I earned every single badge of childhood month! Best child ever right here!
Baking Cookies
When I was younger, my family and I used to bake cookies all the time! Christmas, thanksgiving, an just when we felt like it. We did a great deal of cookie baking.

In first grade through third, I took gymnastics classes ever week. To this day, even though I barely ever exercise, but am capable of a handstand and cartwheel. I don't think I will be trying out for the Olympics any time soon. 

In Other News

  • Remember the bikini post i did a couple weeks ago? By putting a couple of the pictures together, I created this AWESOME animation.
  • In addition, I appreciate this photo shoot with Jack Barakat all too much that I could not resist putting it in here:

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