Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Things You Must See: May

I cannot believe that it's already May! For this week's post, I ended up pausing from a post on thrift shopping (you'll see it soon enough) and get writing on an awesome list of things you must see for May! I will be warning you, with my upcoming bat mitzvah this month, I will be refraining from blogging for a little bit. I will be posting things just not as much. I don't think anyone is more sad about this than me. So here we go:
This month, I've been wanting to take back the oldies. I have been recently going back into the songs from the late 90s and early 2000s. My favorites at the moments would have to be Aaron Carter and The Backstreet Boys. Almost all of us have jammed out to "I Want Candy" and "I Want It That Way". And yes indeed I did think "I Want Candy" was about actual candy.... One thing I am head over heels crazy about is the fact that Aaron Carter is back (and absolutely adorable)! I don't even need to go into how much I need to see him. in addition, he is touring with the gorgeous girl band, Petrel. A band of three sisters including Destiny, Bekah, and Jess Petrel. All three of them are amazing, stunning, and talented musicians.
One thing extremely exiting in the month of April was the return of MTV's Awkward. Awkward has climbed it's way up to being one of my favorite shows currently. The show revolves around the unpopular and rather socially girl Jenna Hamilton. After following Jenna through three other seasons (and a rather twilight-like scenario where she chooses between two boys) we have finally reached junior year where it seems as though basically anything can happen. It's funny, relateble, and has super cute guys. What more could you ask for?
I have finally gotten my hands on a copy of Tavi Gevison's Rookie Yearbook! It's almost impossible to explain my deep love for this collection of artwork, photographs, essays, and articles. This book is gorgeous inside and out. I would call it the older version of an "American Girl" book on growing up. Tavi Gevinson is a beautiful, fashionable, creative, genius.

With this being a section in this annual post, I am happy to say that I had fun stuffing my face with food. One of the best things I have made in April would have to be M&M Pancakes. Yes, pancakes with freaking M&Ms inside of them. I hope with all my that you're a better chef than I am.

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