Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring and Summer Trends!

Spring has sprung! I am ecstatic about this Spring and Summer! Not only is the weather nice, but think of all the cute outfits! Today, my sister Rachel and I spent the day putting together a series of pictures for all you lovely readers! Here you go:
Sun Dresses
After a long,cold, Winter and Fall, it's finally time to toss the tights and leggings and show some skin! Sun dresses are a cute and girly look that is a perfect way to break in the warm weather. Bright colors are the best but like the piece worn in the picture to the right, a dark dress with a pop of 
color can be just as fashionable!

Here's a secret: Sperry shoes are made for boating! I find it absolutely awesome that someone turned something so simple and down to Earth and turned them into a Summer fashion staple! Sperry's come in all sorts of colors (and glitters!) I chose pink floral ones this year to get a more summery look. I like Sperry shoes for they are glamorous and give you a down to Earth and summery look at the same time. 

Top Knots
One of my most favorite Summer hairstyles are the topknot! I like these high buns for it gives a careless beachy look and you can put in any accessory with it! I chose to go with a brightly colored headband but other suggestions include: bobby pins, hair clips, ribbons, and bandannas! Topknots are also extremely easy to make!
Step One: Brush out your hair and have a couple clips and hair bands ready.
Step Two: Pull your hair up as if you're about to put it in a high ponytail. Once it is on top of your hair turn your high pony into a bun by pushing the hair into the ponytail holder.
Step Three: Now that the bun is up, take a couple more holders just to make sure the hair is in place
Step Four: The hair around the bun may be a little bunched up and will probably look a little weird and out of place. slip any headband of your choice over your head (make sure to be careful around your topknot!)

Pink Lips
Pink lipstick is a very girly and glam look! I used a very bright pink color by MAC for the reason that it went best with my outfit where as, any color pink looks absolutely gorgeous (don't overdo it!) I like using bright lipstick when I have a very dark or dull outfit so it gives a girly pop of color!

Light Weight Tops
Light tops are very careless and look amazing with a pair of shorts and flip flops or sandals (or even Sperry's)! My sister wore a bright orange top with a collar that gave off a vintage fashion vibe. These light weight, flowy tops can give off a careless Summer look!

High Rise Shorts
If you know anything about me, I am a sucker for anything vintage! These high rise shorts give off a spring look that makes everything look cute as a button! I suggest wearing a plain tank top so your shirt doesn't take away from your fashion statement shorts!

Pictures that were all too good not to put in:
I though these pictures were all too good not to put in the blog! I hope you enjoy the strangeness that is my Ten year old sister Rachel and I! Thank you for reading! I love you all! Mwah!
I would like to thank my little sister, Rachel for agreeing to dress up all day and actually trust me with her hair and makeup. She also spent a good ten minutes outside in the burning sun for every outfit so I could just stare at myself and see if I looked OK. I would also like to thank her for putting up with my earsplitting singing of Mcfly's "Love Is Easy" for the whole photo shoot. It was stuck in my head. In addition, my heart goes out to you for actually putting up with my screaming when we broke out my old skateboard. I kinda forgot how to ride it. I am sure I lost coolness points for that. I love you like I love my combat boots and glitter. Which by the way is a whole lot. 
Now I leave you all with this MAGICAL video of me when we broke out my old skateboard. Me being the kind of person who believes she is good at everything, thought that I could totally ride around on it even though I hadn't stepped foot on it in three full years. To sum up the embarrassment, I think I lost my skateboarding touch.

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