Thursday, April 25, 2013

The "It" Girl- Bridie Mcdonnell

Bridie McDonnell is one girl that just like her older brother Charlie, we've all seen grow up. All Charlie McDonnell viewers over the years have seen Bridie go from her long messy locks, to her sleek bangs and shoulder length locks, finally to her sophisticated bob. Most of us has seen what was Charlie's cute little sister become a gorgeous young adult and pretty amazing fashion icon.
Bridie has appeared in a handful of Charlie's videos including: The Hoedown Throw down, Drinking Ketchup, and Understanding Teenage Girls. In most of his YouTube uploads, Bridie has always played the shy little sister by refusing to come on camera and being rather quiet. I find Bridie McDonnell to be most like her brother by keeping to herself. 

Bridie's hair is one of her best features and something that makes me jealous everyday. She happens to be one of those people who can wear their hair however they want. She's gone through about every stage. Long hair, medium length, bangs, and currently her flattering short bob. 
The one thing I admire most about Bridie McDonnell is her edgy outfits. She is so different and looks gorgeous in about anything! Her style is very conservative and stylish. As you can see in the picture to the right, her outfits have elements of vintage and modern style. At the moment, her clothing is rather flowy and looks carefree yet elegant. Bridie has a very thin frame and even though I would suggest tighter clothing to show off her gorgeous body, she still look stunning in her looser pieces. The long, draping, dresses and shirts also flatter her recent bob cut.
Bridie has gone from the shy little sister to an edgy role model for fashion and style. To this day, she is still young but seems to own it. I can almost bet you she gets more and more beautiful everyday. 

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