Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Diary:4/28/13- Hey There!

After lots of planning out and thinking, I have finally decided on doing something called a "Sunday Diary" after reading Tavi's first blog "Style Rookie" and the style of how it was written I decided it was a good idea to take you into well, my life. "The Style Rookie" is basically Tavi's online diary made into a blog. Clearly, I'm not an exact copy of Tavi Gevinson and I don't plan on making "How Fitting" an exact copy of "The Style Rookie". I like how my posts are more like articles from a magazine and more straight to the point. That's my blogging style. I would never change it for I like how there is a big difference between Ann Louise and Tavi Gevinson (as fabulous as she is). Tavi takes you into her world and almost forms a relationship or even bond between herself and the reader and I admire that. I feel as though most of you don't know me. Or know me as the quiet girl in class who is awkward beyond anything and seems to know a thing or two about fashion.
I have been trying to bring new things into "How Fitting" my little project started out as just some fashion blog and now has turned into fashion, music, and lifestyle. That is a big deal to me. I first started posting articles whenever but now I have decided on becoming more frequent. So after nights of staring up at the ceiling wondering what the hell I was going to do I finally came up with the idea of this:

Sunday: Sunday Diary! I am really exited about this new blogging day for it'll give me a chance to share amazing experiences, weird thoughts, and just well the awkwardness that is Ann Louise. 

Tuesday: Music and/or Lifestyle! With my vlogging videos being filmed on Monday also, I am willing to put my youtube-ing aside as a lower priority to focus on something that means more to me (not that I don't LOVE vlogging) and talk about different music! This is something I'm pretty freaking exited about for I can't explain how much I could go on and on about music and now have a place to rant, joke, and suggest every week! I am also going to be spending Tuesdays writing up a lifestyle blog! As much as I'd LOVE to do both,  still being a student it is harder for me to do everything and some weeks I will have to choose between the two and only write one post on Tuesday.
Wednesday: Fashion blogging! This is what this project was always about. There is probably nothing that I love more than fashion. These days I will be covering what I usually write about: get the look, trends, DIY, and all that good stuff. I am hoping you guys will stick with me through me my weird fashion trends.
Friday: Friday Extra! These posts will just be fun (and maybe a little stupid) posts to start your weekend with a fun start! I did an experiment with this kind of post last week and to my surprise, it worked out rather well!
Beginning/Ending of months: In the beginning of the month, I will be spending my time writing up "Monthly Fashion Bibles" about the fashion trends you guys should try out this month! Even though these posts aren't necessary, I almost feel attached to them for my first ever post on this blog (my baby) was a March Fashion Bible and that's where I got all that positive feedback to keep writing (a BIG thank you to you all)! At the end of the month, I am very exited to make a "Things You Must See" post where I basically give you lovely readers a preview of what will be coming next month in all categories (except for fashion)

I'm really exited yet scared about this new scheduling thing. I just want you guys to know that I'm EXTREMELY dedicated to this blog and that even if I'm never as successful as Tavi Gevinson I will still be here, holding on to make it there. 

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