Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hair Q and A

The only good explanation I can come up with for disappearing yesterday was that I have a Teen Wolf addiction (I watch it ironically) and needed to finish season one. Anyways, now I'm back with a hair question kind of thing for you guys!
Where did you get your extensions from?
I bought mine online at I would really recommend this website for they have a wide variety of colors and textures. My specific extensions are Remy (human hair) and fifteen inches. The color is light auburn for I wanted to make a sort of ombre-esque look. 
How long does it take to put your extensions in?
About ten minutes just because I am still learning how to properly put them in.
How long have you been coloring your hair?
I've been dying my hair for about five years now since I'm really stupid. It started with these terrible blonde streaks in fifth grade then in sixth grade, I dyed it all dark brown and put some blonde highlights in. I took a break in seventh grade and this year I've been dying red into the fringe and under the layers of my hair. 
How many days a week do you straighten your hair?
I try and straighten it the least I can for as you know, heat damages your hair and my hair is already messed up enough! I try to only blow dry and straighten it twice a week.
What kind of straightener and blow dryer do you have?
My hair straightener is a Chai Air and my blow dryer is a Thunderbird by Conair. The Chai Air is OK for my hair is extremely thick and doesn't always do the best job. My blow dryer on the other hand, is amazing. My hair can be perfectly dry within five minutes (and that says something if you have seen how much hair I have).
What hair products do you recommend for straightened hair?
When styling my hair I put on three coats of It's A Ten (one before blow drying, one before straightening, one after straightening). I absolutely love this product for it keeps your hair from drying out too much and adds keratin and other vitamins to help your hair being too damaged from the heat. After straightening my hair I always put on a layer of Precious Oil for it helps it be a bit more smooth and less spiky as it looks when I have just run my straightener through it. Also, I would really recommend Moroccan Oil for it helps damaged hair feel less like straw and more like real life hair coming from your scalp.

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  1. lol in all honesty im still learning. my "method" is to comment on blogs that i follow/ like. i follow alooot of blogs btw. and just wish for the best. i also try to follow and comment on new blogs.