Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tavi Gevinson Over The Years

Tavi went from a cute eleven year old to a grown teenager. Over the years, her fashion and appearance have obviously changed.
Can we talk about that grey hair? Tavi is absolutely adorable and during this time, just looked like a little girl playing dress up (which she basically was) during this time, Tavi was in sixth grade and when I saw her, she talked about how her classmates would make fun of her and how she dressed so crazily. She explained how she'd try and come back with something even weirder just to annoy them. I am still in awe how a girl that age could style something like this.
This is probably the first picture of Tavi I ever saw. This period was when The Style Rookie was getting more and more popular and Tavi was gaining views. In an interview with the BBC, Tavi explained that she really dressed like a grandma and I can still see the "grandma chic" style she was going for. Tavi is about thirteen in this photo and is still as she described, "playing dress up". Also, can we talk about that time Bryan Boy dressed up as Tavi for halloween? For that was pretty magical. 
Tavi became much more edgy at this point and though she was only around thirteen/fourteen, you could tell she was growing up and growing out of the "cute little girl" image most people had for her. I really liked this point in Tavi's career for she was really learning how to experiment and gave her readers something they weren't expecting. 2010 was the beginning of Tavi breaking out of the awkward little kid look she had going and became much more confident in her style and just herself generally.
Rookie had been started and Tavi a lot had not only changed in Tavi's style but also personality wise. She stopped being looked at as a little girl and really had grown up a lot. Tavi Gevinson had always been pretty but this was the year when everyone really realized how gorgeous she is. One of my favorite posts of Tavi's was when she wrote about how she wanted to be pretty. She didn't want to be attractive for boys but just for herself and that really got me to think that the want to be attractive is a "un feminist" thing to do.
Tavi was gradually toning down her style. Her clothing was still interesting and fashionable but she explained that though playing dress up was a huge part of her childhood and middle school life, it was time to grow up and she didn't really see fashion as one of her main interests anymore.
By the time 2013 came around, Tavi's main focuses were mostly on Rookie and the exciting Year Book she was creating. Her style was still very unique but as she said in 2012, she wasn't as interested in it anymore though she still did love clothing. I really loved this point for though Tavi was still a fashion icon, she had also grown to be such an inspiring feminist icon too. At this point, she was also focusing on her acting career with the release of her first Hollywood movie, "Enough Said"
Tavi has grown up so much since she started her blogging career and I couldn't be prouder. Rookie has become her main focus though from time to time, she will update The Style Rookie. Her style is very sophisticated though she will add a modern touch to it.


  1. Omigod i remember the first time i read style rookie i was also thirteen tavis one of my biggest inspirations. This timeline is so perfect and the photos are rad! Such a great post, you rule!♥

  2. TAVI IS QUEEN! Great post! Love this blog - xoxo