Monday, February 10, 2014


*This post skips around with the days for we had a mass amount of snow days this week.
I wore an oversized Pink Floyd shirt I got from a thrift store along with a pair of black leggings (like every single week). In my hair, I wore a flower headband (I have no idea where it's from). I realize I don't say this often enough, but I felt genuinely pretty for the first time in weeks.

I put on a Never Shout Never tee I got from the boy's section of thrift (OK can we talk about how well this shirt fits me?) Unsurprisingly, I wore yet another pair of black leggings. I then put my extensions into pigtails (which takes forever to get right by the way).
I wore a button up dress/shirt with tons of little safety on it (my cousin gave it to me though she bought it from H&M). Since it was a little small on me, I only buttoned up a bit of it and then put a black tank top under it.


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