Saturday, March 30, 2013

Things You Must See- April

Happy April! Now that we've said goodbye to the month of March, it's time for something new! Over the past few weeks I have come up with a list of things you must see. Warning: After reading this you may no longer have a life.
Over the past couple months I have begun to say good-bye to the Pop genre and bands such as One Direction and singers like the lovely Taylor Swift and have gotten into a serious obsession with Punk and Rock.
The best Punk band I'd recommend would have to be All Time Low an edgy band with the members Rian Dawson, Zack Merrick, Alex Gaskarth, and Jack Barakat. Most of their songs have a certain edge of attitude and defiance that anyone who likes the Punk Rock genre will instantly fall in love with.
I've also lately been obsessed with "Punk Goes Pop" a collection of different artists who take popular pop songs and turn them into punk. It's really awesome to see songs that you hear on the radio be remixed into this genre. The album features bands like: MayDay Parade, The Ready Set, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, and tons of other amazing punk bands.
Rock On All You Punk Lovers. Rock ON.

One of my favorite shows in the world would have to be The New Normal, a comedy about a gay couple and their surrogate and her homophobic grandmother. One of the many reasons why I love this show is for how unique it is and how funny you can take a situation that many people are going through.
Another show that I highly recommend is the FOX comedy New Girl. New Girl is extremely funny and the characters oddly relate able. It's quirky, funny, and it will get you addicted.

I have the attention span of a three year old child so I tend to never finish books but this month I am proud to actually say that I have finished a novel and genuinely enjoyed it. The Vast Fields Of Ordinary is a novel about a young gay teenager who has only come out to a couple of his friends and himself. Throughout the span of the book the main character, Dade meets some pretty cool people including an open lesbian, a gay drug dealer, and an overly awkward girl. To be honest, I actually enjoyed reading it. Judge me.

When it comes to food, all I can seem to think about this month is the fact that Mega Stuff Oreos are in existence. Not double stuff. I'm talking Mega freaking stuffed. All I can say is that they are magical.

Hope you have an AMAZING April! I'm dearly sorry if you no longer have any life after getting into any of the things I suggested! 

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