Friday, March 1, 2013

Latest Trends and DIY- Dip Dye

We even dyed the cat! Yeah... That's my family
Before Dip dying!
Yes, as you can see this is a "Latest Trends" and DIY post all in one! Right now I've been seeing a lot of people (mostly female) doing dip dye. I love the careless look of the uneven streaks. The ways to wear it depend on the color you choose. Cool colors such as blue, green, and purple add a cute and fun look while warm colors like red, yellow, and orange add a careless rocker look to any outfit! The thing that I like a lot about kool aid is that it doesn't last very long and is only temporary so you don't have to commit yourself to  one color and can change it up for different looks.
 Surprisingly, the whole look is simple, cheap, and easy to do. To test out this new trend my sister and I dip dyed our hair to show you guys how to do it! The two of us mixed Black Cherry and Strawberry together to make a bright red!
-Kool Aid (your choice of color)
-A pot
-a paint brush
-Paper Towels
-A friend
Brush your hair out and change into a shirt that you don't care much about

Step One: 
Depending on how much hair you have and how much you want in, put the powder into a pot of water (two packets is good for people with thick hair. One for thin hair). Boil the water
Be careful not to burn yourself!

Step Two:
Take the pot off the stove. You will need another person to do this step for you. Place the pot on a counter and take a seat on a chair pressed up against it. Lean you head back and let your friend place pieces of your hair (one piece at a time!) into the kool aid. Keep it in for a couple seconds (longer if you have darker hair). To give the streaks that dip dye look put some pieces in deeper making almost a pattern of short and long streaks. To get high up on your head, use a paintbrush.

Pat it dry
Step Three:
Take your hair out and pat it dry with a paper towel or dish rag. Your hair will feel hot and probably smell pretty gross from the Kool Aid.

Once Done:
The colors will look darker this is because your hair is wet. I suggest you blow it out so you can see it! The color will begin to wash out after a couple of showers.
Still Wet!
Smile! You and your streaks look gorgeous!

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