Saturday, March 30, 2013

Get The Look: Perrie Edwards

Perrie Edwards
Perrie is one of my favorite fashion icons for you never know what's next with her! One minute she's platinum blond next she has bubblegum pink locks! Even though it's hard to follow up with her hair colors and styles, I've almost decoded the edgy style of Perrie Edwards. 
Perrie is a singer in "Little Mix" a girl group that almost reminds me of "The Spice Girls" being that each girl has a different personality and style which where Perrie would be a perfect fit for the edgy one. 
Perrie's style is very girly but she stills seems to add a unique and personalized look to it. To get this cute and stylish look, I'd go for bright and fun colors mixed with a unique accessory such as Perrie's bow tie! If you want a more glam look, mix and match a couple cute chunky necklaces!
Where To Find: Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, and vintage
Even though Perrie's hair is unpredictable one thing you can definitely work out is her accessories! One reoccurring theme is those flowers! Wearing a large flower crown like the one shown on the side, gives a cute and girly look while wearing a thinner and more wiry floral headband gives a more casual and boho look to any outfit. 
In addition, one thing Perrie defiantly rocks is those curls! If you want to get these gorgeous tresses all you will need is a curling iron, a hairbrush, and a bit of product (I suggest Frizz Ease) and roll the iron up your head, dropping it once you get to the top of your scalp. If you want to make a more loose curl like Perrie's then don't roll the hair into the iron so tight. 
Where to find: topshop
Make Up
Perrie Edwards has very pure skin that looks amazing with the dark makeup she uses! To get Perrie's flawless skin, I suggest using Clearasil everyday and then using a very thin layer of bronzer and patting that on your cheeks. For eyes Perrie uses a thick layer on the edge of her eyelid and tapers up as she finishes, creating a cute cat eye. 

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