Saturday, July 16, 2016

Summer Shandy (Picto-Diary)

    Things have been pretty hectic and exciting and incredible lately. Since my last post, about a week ago, I have moved to the Upper East Side, began dating someone new and wonderful, and found a tv on the side of the road with my sister.
Me with my most prized possession. It only plays DVDs so I had to dig up some of my thrift shop finds from years ago, needless to say, the Naked Brothers Band Movie is much better on disc.
The NBB film is actually incredibly (and non ironically) good. There's just enough drama and hidden messages (ex: Alex's soda drinking addiction after the band splits) that watching it for the first time in awhile is an extremely enjoyable experience. 10/10 would recommend.
Just a pretty pic of the state of my room currently. (ft: a dog cup a person I went on 2 dates with gave me, my dead cactus, Sally, and an empty soda bottle filled with dollar store fake flowers).
HUGE perk of my place is how close to Central Park I've been (about a ten minute walk)- these townhouses by the park entrance are so dreamy.
Shot of my friend on one of the rocks in CP. Prior to a conversation of various restaurants we'd take bullets for (Yummy Taco and Amish Market were top of the list).
My two best friends in the whole wide world, Anh and Ben. We'd gone to the Whitney fifteen minutes before closing and just ended up looking at books and heading to Chelsea Market. I love these people so much honestly. Wow.
David Bowie memorial outside the American Apparel (ew) in SoHo. Ground control to Major Tom.

Leslie Lohman LGBT Art Gallery. I hadn't been since December (??) and went to their stunning gallery opening on Friday. Such beautiful pieces on gender and identity this month.
Me and a couple buds completely beat at Monk Vintage in Williamsburg. Long day running around and I felt as though I could just melt into that couch.

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