Sunday, October 2, 2016


Hey. Things have been off and on and strange and stressful and so much is different, including my appearance, yet the same. That's quite odd since the last piece I wrote was a little less than a month ago but five inches of hair in a trashcan later, I look a little like this:
I don't believe I've ever looked more gross and more beautiful. I look much much more healthy however and I am! Junior year has been kind of wild within its first month and the wildest part is that this is the best I've been doing in school. Ever. The thing is I love going to school, I'm just never good at it. I hope to stay in school for the rest of my life honestly.

As the school year started, I've been shedding my summer with it and this sadly meant my departure from ethantheboyfriend. We left it on incredibly good terms which is rather out of the ordinary for me. Most of my breakups end in a bout of tears followed by months of pent up resentment towards each other. I rehearsed my breakup speech over and over again too and none of it went as planned, I hoped for more anger. I know how to work with anger as opposed to understanding. Anyways, I'm doing good after this ending; there are some random bouts of emptiness that are all superficial however. I'm doing good. I'm doing good. I've been around the block with breaking up (only in the corner of being the instigator however), and have just been focusing on myself which sounds corny, but in essence is quite nice. Thinking bout writing an actual blogpost about this though due to the various relationships How Fitting has encountered and how seemingly cavalierly they seem to end.

Going off that topic, I've finally decided I've got to start writing on this at least once every two weeks again. I know I know I say this over and over again but I honestly need to. In all honestly, How Fitting has been the only real constant in my life (exaggeration: I mean my hobbies/work) since I was thirteen years old and that seems a shame to drop. There's so many holes from when I dropped this site during my mass of depression last year and that's not particularly cool!
What have I been doing what have I been doing: Mad Sounds has been a big thing recently. Meaning I'm writing for them every week which is *crazy*. It's a lot. Along with that is my recent post on Written Citizen about Christian Siriano SS17 because OHMYGOD I went to fashion week and didn't even talk about it (which I do every year but somehow didn't get around to ???) !! My NYFW outfits (which is long long overdue) should be up tomorrow. This is a high level of disorganization I'm going crazy over.
Anyways, I've missed this space as always. Let's see how this goes.

(also hope this signature change is appreciated due to the amount of MySpace aesthetic websites I had to visit to make this)

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