Sunday, October 30, 2016

I Got No Friends Cause They Read The Papers (+links)

These posts are getting very circa 2013 outfit section (the ones I used to take every single day on photobooth ugh what an era) but you know I guess the lo-fi aesthetic is a good look as any- speaking of shitty camera quality, I'm finally treating myself to an actual device that isn't a webcam (or iPhone camera) for this blog- good thing it took me only four years to grow up and realize I need to reach at least some level of professionalism. Anyways, I took some shameless photos of my outfit that I was really into the other day as a last hoorah (we all know this isn't true) to this webcam blog photos. Along with this, I'm sharing some of my favorite links I've gathered over the past month or so because I guess I can be a semi 3 dimensional person. Enjoy.

-Top: Forever21
-Jeans: Levi's (thrift)
-Belt: courtesy of my mother
-Necklaces: crystal one from my sister after she came back from Germany, "Dingus" one made by my best friend's mom for my 17th
-Bralette: Aerie
-Scarf: courtesy of my mother
-Shoes: Docs 

Daughter NPR Tiny Desk Concert (for that matter, any tiny desk concert is really golden, I'd recommend this one, The Front Bottoms, Jake Bugg, and PWR BTTM's especially) (Tiny Desk Concerts are also the thing that made me realize my actual dream job is to work at NPR I love NPR I love Tiny Desk Concerts I could go on and on)
-PWR BTTM: "I Wanna Boi" Music Video (it was put out about 3 weeks ago and has got to be one of their best videos- the color scheme and entire look of this video is so beautiful- Liv Bruce is also the most gorgeous human being on earth and the true love of my life)
-"Empty" Kevin Abstract (I'd like to thank Ben for this one- we've become kind of obsessed with portraits of America and this perfectly fit the narrative)
-"Can You Match the Scout Badge To The Reason It Was Revoked From Me?" (my all time favorite Clickhole article has resurfaced- I cannot stress how important this is)
-Spotify "What I've Been Listening 2" Playlist (I've put myself at that level of narcissism in which I actually think people are interested in my shitty taste- basically updating whenever I get into something) (this one isn't particularly new but my favorite blogger- previously rainbowbobblysocks- has fairly recently started over and I'm so hype over it- Rosie is the sweetest)
-The Milk Club (Sofie has become one of my favorite fashion bloggers- her style is so put together and unique)


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