Sunday, September 4, 2016

She's Been Gone Since That Summer

As the Summer has been winding down, so has the times I've actually left the house (procrastinated summer assignments are slowly killing me). Enjoy me celebrating and documenting the last hoorahs of the summer before my junior year (whoa that's wild).
roller disco!!
Pier One rink in Brooklyn with my sister- I was just getting good when I fell (I felt it for the next 2 weeks. fun.)
Me looking actually presentable in SoHo after a good three hours of skating. 
Me and Fee!! The true love of my life came back to the city after over a year- a lot of gossip and coffee at The Bean was shared. It's incredible to think the two of us have been friends for nearly four years and how weird and wonderful it has been to see the two of us grow up and into ourselves. 
Ethan The Boyfriend in Dizzy's after returning from Amsterdam. Beautiful as always, complete with a beard. 
very very horrible photo of brooklyn's hottest couple. 
kind of hilariously horrible photo of me caught in the rain after seeing a movie. Photo and jacket credit to ethantheboyfriend. 
After being separated for far too long, I was reunited with my best friends ever, Ben and Anh. Here is a picture of me and Ben basically creating Cole Sprouse's greatest work. 

Ben in Washington Sq Park looking beautiful as always. 

Actual angel in my life, Anh, reacting to a keychain from Ben that reads "Bahama Mama"

Anh being a pixie in the digital age. 

RIP Summer 2016. 
*title from the only good song ever, "Summer Girls", by LFO. 

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