Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Handbag Essentials (Rue La La)

Hello How Fitting babes! Today's post is quite cool because around last week, found this handbag guide from Ru La La, a company that sells really adorable clothing and hand bags. So here are my handbag essentials!
♥This is my handbag- I got it from Macy's over the Summer when they were having a massive sale so I also got a Summer purse along with it. A sturdy bag is really important with me because I am constantly in New York for FIT precollege classes and need something comfortable (and still cute) that will fit everything I need for the long day in the city. This handbag is absolutely perfect for me; it has two pockets on the outside, three on the inside, and lots of space to carry around all my essentials. It also has a detachable cross body strap that I love because my hands can be free while I'm on long walks around New York. 
♥Wow really awesome Photo Booth picture there Ann (I'm working on a fifteen year old budget here). My phone is the most important thing to carry around- it is my GPS, tool to track when the next train is, and I seriously don't know what I would do without it. I also mainly wear skirts and dresses and as cute as they are, they have a lack of pockets so I just throw it in on top of all the other stuff in my purse. 
♥Yet another thing I couldn't leave at home is my FIT ID card (complete with a WONDERFUL picture of me) which I keep in one of the front pockets of my handbag. I like how easy it is to get to so I can get to it quickly to show security. 
♥I hold the basic things you would in a wallet: money, my debit card, coupons, and train tickets. I got this during the same Macy's sale and it's by one of my all time favorite designers, Betsey Johnson.

♥In this cosmetic bag, I keep my beauty essentials: a headband and ponytail holder, one tinted lip balm, an EOS, deodorant, hand sanitizer, an orange stick, and most importantly, my headphones for the trains rides and long walks. 
♥I usually end up with quite a lot of clippings since in my styling class, we are making mood boards and get to rip up magazines so I snag a couple pictures to hang up in my room. This week's collection is from an edition of People magazine from 2006 complete with Josh Groban, Matt Bomer (pre-coming out), and an ad that says "Ideas are sexy too". 
♥Speaking of magazines, I'm always carrying at least two around. Right now, I have New York Magazine with Tavi's face on the cover (I'm doing a full on board all for her) and Teen Vogue because they always have good photo shoots I can cut up for boards in the future. 
♥Since I'm taking an arts class instead of lecture at FIT, I need art supplies. In this really cute Forever21 cosmetic bag, I store everything I need- I also have quite a lot of pens because you should always have one of two laying around. 
♥My favorite part of riding the train is getting so much time to just read. I always keep a book in my handbag- right now, I'm in the middle of Orange Is The New Black.
♥Just in case I finish the first book, I keep a second one in there. Right now, I have Style A To Zoe.
♥Fun fact here but wear glasses (only when I really need to read or see something- I hate wearing them!) and keep them in one of the inside pockets. 

Hi here's just a little disclaimer on this post: I have been sporadically doing sponsored posts for different companies and I would just like to say everything I review and do a post for that is sponsored will be labeled so and only for companies that I enjoy and think you'll like too. I was not paid in any way for this post and legitimately like Rue La La and wouldn't do some shit post for the sake of a business. 

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