Saturday, November 22, 2014

Merry Happy

   Over this short term break I've taken a whole lot has happened. Without a boring intro that you probably won't read anyways, I'm just going to get right into it.
   On November 14, I went to see the This Is Our Youth Times Talk at the Times Center in the city- the entire experience was pretty surreal and amazing. I got to the center fairly early since whenever I end up in general admission of anything my anxiety sky rockets and I feel the need to be about a day ahead to the event. I had the pleasure of standing in the cold, alone for a good hour or so because my mind came up with the weird thought that maybe if I became a sensible person and spent that hour somewhere else, the line would become enormous. I was finally let in and my long waiting really paid off because not only was I front and center, when Michael Cera entered the theatre through the front (unlike Kieren and Tavi who went in back) I was standing right in front of him and got to say a really excited "hello!" (he waved back and smiled) before he went in. The actual talk was insane and all three of them were hilarious and so well spoken. One of my favorite parts was when the interviewer played a scene from the show (all three of them were in extreme discomfort seeing themselves acting) and once it was over, Tavi says,
"It's like watching The Big Bang Theory!" I also got to ask the last question of the night in the Q&A and before I went on, Tavi and I made eye contact and she smiled at me! Sadly, I wasn't allowed to take any photos but I believe the talk was recorded on the Times website.
    The Sunday of that weekend, I went into Madison Square park to teach myself how to draw a tree because the ones there look oddly geometric which I think is wonderful. This quickly turned into a session in which I drew some strange tree like things and then went into getting frustrated. I don't know why I felt the need to share this so much- it was just really different from anything I usually do. The park was quiet and therefor I could sit in the middle of the empty fountain and draw all the shitty pictures I wanted.
    Overall, things have been absolutely fantastic.

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