Friday, November 7, 2014

Dear 7th Grade Ann

Dear seventh grade Ann, 
    This previous version of you has just turned thirteen and in a phase in which you simultaneously think you're the shit and hate every single thing about yourself. You have a grand total of one friend (not counting those on the Internet) and are just beginning to figure out things that you feel really passionate about and even though you'll keep some of these values and loves and others you'll cringe at, it doesn't matter. You're at the tip of the iceberg with a plunge into your love of music- you're cool older cousin showed you All Time Low and this single band has been a gateway into a plethora of middle school angst bands and attitude. You really really really like ALL CAPS but god damn are you going to be furious next year when you figure out how awful a person Luke Conard is.
   Present day Ann is extraordinarily different and that's not so bad because (and I say this with love) thirteen year old you has not fully developed into the Ann I wanted- not to say that the present day version is. You have a bit more confidence and battle scars because even though she's slightly older, that doesn't mean she's dramatically smarter.
   You know your "Twitter Twin" Fiona? You're going to meet her at a thrift shop in Madison and it's going to be one of the best days ever. You will walk in the rain together and giggle and talk non stop. She'll be there when you're really upset because your best friends at the time are pushing you away and of course, there's no shortage of stupid text exchanges.
   Oh and about your ultimate role model in the whole world, Tavi Gevinson... You're going to meet her not once, not twice, but three times (and you're seeing her next week). You'll sob the first time and the second time it'll be like seeing an old friend. By the third time, she recognizes you and you'll hug and she'll tear up over the jacket you made her.
First time

Second time

third time!

She'll also write this in your yearbook
(You'll also meet Arabelle Siciardi and your mouth will be full of candy and it'll be slightly embarrassing but she will be super nice)
   Can we also address your hair? You're going to make a really dumb decision and cut it all off and when you're unhappy with that you will make it shorter and then dye it a bunch of colors and regret having short hair all the time even though you still kind of think you're the shit.
   And about the whole sexuality thing, you cut to the chase and accepted the fact that you're single handily one of the gayest people you know. You're going to come out to your family and they won't care and everything will be exactly the same except you can date cute girls without feeling scared. I know you're a little insecure right now and I'm sorry about that but don't worry, you're going to find the coolest friends in the world. YES FRIENDS! Seventh grade will be rough and you're going to walk out with a total of around five friends but it's OK because you're happy and excited about summer camp and the future (which you should be!). 
   The beginning of eighth grade is going to suck. You've never been one to sugar coat anything Ann so I'm going to warn you to be prepared to lose some friends but stand your ground and don't take any shit because though you won't be able to realize it, you're a badass bitch. By the end of the school year, you'll have just enough friends and be SO happy with them. 
   By the Summer before ninth grade, you'll skip camp and go to FIT in the city. You'll fall in love with the school and New York and find the place where you feel the most accepted and meet some amazing friends. You'll go there over the school year and love all of it. 
   Speaking of cool things, you're going to figure out your love for making music. Not only will you learn guitar and ukulele but have a somewhat decent singing voice and feel like a complete badass whenever you perform. I know that's pretty weird since all thirteen year old Ann can do is the cup song. 
   And about this blog, it'll become the thing you love the most that you've created. You'll meet awesome people and fall in love what you do on here- your content will raise up in quality and you will appreciate it so much.
  Anyways Ann, I've got to go. It's not that I have anything important to do it's just I think you've heard enough and I want you to know that I realize how shitty things are right now and I'm not saying life is perfect at the moment, but it'll be pretty fucking awesome. 

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