Sunday, November 9, 2014

I Think I'm In Friend Love With You

   I've been getting emotional for really strange reasons over the past couple days. I teared up at John's early birthday party and I didn't know why because I wasn't sad and I've never cried happy tears in my life except for the first time I met Tavi but other than that, this is a new feeling. I love so many things and I can't even imagine having them taken from me because everything is working out finally. Everything about my friends and family and even self has been going smooth and OK and I'm at peace with everything.

My birthday present to John that I'm more than proud of (thank you Housing Works for three dollar books)

    I got a package from Fiona the other day for my birthday that made me so happy and excited. It was mainly made up of really weird and wonderful things such as stickers, a rainbow loom bracelet, a pin that said "Bad Attitude" and other objects. My all time favorite present she gave me would have to be a book called I Think I'm In Friend Love With You because it's beautifully drawn and sums up my relationship with her. There was also a two page letter inside and it made me tear up yet again because I love Fee with all my heart.

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