Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My (Latest) Cosmetic Crushes

   With the summer (pretty much) in full swing, I've taken to switching up the products I've been using all year and though I've definitely had some misses, here's a couple of the gems I've come across.

*Revlon Age Defying Foundation 
Though I said previously I had given up on foundation and switched over to BB creme, my skin is way too horribly discolored and red in some places that a little help from foundation is always useful. I was pretty skeptical of using a Revlon product since I hadn't heard much about this foundation or used much from the company, but I'm honestly so happy I did. The coverage is awesome while still being lightweight and a couple spots over my redder areas does the job fantastically.

*ELF Blush in "Twinkly Pink"
I'd originally heard of this blush from Hello Giggles' "27 crazy-affordable drugstore beauty products that might as well be high-end"  list and not only does it apply super nicely and stay on surprisingly long for an ELF product, it is a perfect dupe of Nars' "Super Orgasm". I actually had stopped wearing blush before picking this one up, and though their blush palette (my experiment of last year) was slightly disappointing, their single blushes are A++ (and criminally cheap).

*Maybelline Master Conceal 
Though I'd had a six month relationship with NYX's Hi Definition Concealer , I decided it was time for a change and after seeing Sydney Carlson rave about this product, I decided it was worth a try. I, at first was a little wary of it since I was used to wand style concealer but am SO in love with this stuff. The application process is waaaaaay easier than expected along with blending and coverage being a true dream.

*Physician's Formula Bronze Booster
OK first off, can we talk about how pretty it is?? I've always been discouraged by lack of skill being able to contour but after researching bronzers, decided it was worth a shot to try again. Not only is this the perfect color for me (rather subtle but does just what I need it to), but also blends so nicely with my super pale skin.

*Revlon Perfecting Primer
I've tried SO many primers (from Maybelline to Kat Von D) and I've had hands down the best experience with this one. The formula is almost identical to Smashbox's Photo Finish but a fourth the price. It smooths out the rest of my foundation and makes application *so* much easier. God bless.

*Living Proof Dry Shampoo
Though the slightly steep price threw me off a little, this dry shampoo is COMPLETELY worth it. My jew fro does not agree with any shampoo these days and the Not Your Mother's Clean Freak has not been helping with the back up of product up in there. As the bottle claims, this formula really does make hair much fresher and cleaner and gives me more time before the dreaded wash.

Those are just a few of the new products I've been crushing on this summer!

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