Sunday, July 31, 2016

Heartbeat In the Brain (picto-diary)

This weekend has been kind of surreal and wonderful and beautiful and so many other positive adjectives that still can't do these memories justice. Prepare for an array of rooftop views.

Brooklyn Promenade last week. Obviously not my first time but this visit lasted hours as I journaled on a bench. It's such a gorgeous view and the area I ended up camping out in was pretty tourist free. 10/10.
The Deep End Club's closing party Friday night featured a performance from Nice As Fuck in the window of the shop. It's incredibly sad to see this place close since Tenn was always such a sweetheart. The show was incredible (as expected) and Alexa Chung, at one point, was standing right in front of me (!!!!)- we then saw her afterwards smoking a cigarette outside the shop- truly beautiful angel woman. 

"We're Nice As Fuck and we wish you good luck!" 
views from the inside. 
Art from one of my favorite places in the world, the High Line, on Saturday. It started pouring in the afternoon and wouldn't stop but otherwise, it was mystical and magical as always. 

The rain actually worked in my favor since there was much less of the snail paced tourists in bunches blocking up the area- I actually ended up walking a lot of it that day. Wow. 
Of course The Whitney afterwards. I wandered through the ongoing portrait floors and also visited Stuart Davis' exhibit, "In Full Swing", and "Mirror Cells" on the top floor. 

Easily one of my favorite photos in the gallery. Just the creaminess of it all. 
Mirror Cells being weird and wonderful as per usual. 
views from the sculpture garden. 
The Whitney is a fairly sentimental place to me, being where my boyfriend and I had our first date. I ended up in the cafe and sculpture area where we had our first kiss. That view ugh. 
Sunday brunch with Maria! My first time in yeaaaaaars at the Upper East Jackson Hole location. My beloved breakfast food making me tear up a lil. 
The New Museum's exhibit on journaling easily won my heart. 
Entire room filled with baby photos. Spooky. 
Oddly reminded me of "Little Boxes".
Yours truly in the green elevator of TNM. Living the dream.
Views from the 7th floor sky room. I've never actually gotten the chance to be up here due to the mass amount of visitors but god is it beautiful. 

all the love, 

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