Wednesday, April 27, 2016

13 Things You Need to Know Before Applying for Nordstrom BP Fashion Board

   When I was a freshman, I applied for Nordstrom's BP Fashion Board with a huge amount of anxiety and questions. After two years of particopating in the program (and being the youngest member both times), I think I've got this down?? Since I don't believe Nordstrom is the best at advertizing their own internship, here's a scattered list of things I wish I'd known before applying:

1. For my first year, I created a look book as my fashion project because it showed my experience with fashion along with my style. The second year, I found a way to slip in my FIT credentials and created a mood board that got me guarenteed acceptance by the end of the interview. Do something that is original and also knowledgeable of the industry.

2.  The interview is SO basic. They basically want to know you're a leader and are personable. BP is all about being outgoing and they're looking for girls who represent their brand. Trust me, I am such an incredibly shy person but I put on a completely different persona each time I went to a meeting.

3. There is a workload (work depends on what year you particopate- I worked during a year of design so we made lines and merchandised them and my 2nd year was all about social media so we ended up designing campaigns) and you will be expected to not only fulfill it, but also present your work. Your supervisor will be SO much more inclined to write reccomendations for you if you volunteer to present.

4. Your supervisor is the BEST person for letters of reccomendation. When I applied for scholarships to LIM, my supervisor's letter got me instantly.

5. Christmas is incredibly lit. Don't ever miss that meeting.

6. Though your supervisor will tell you you and your group are all going to be best friends, you won't. You definitely won't. Fashion Board is so fucking made up of cliques.

7. I swear to god Norstrom schedules meetings just for the sake of being inconvientient. Be prepared to work around them.

8. Go to EVERY event. Most of them are extremely fun and/or a good time to network. You also will probs get a goodie bag out of it and I live for a good Chanel sample.

9. Your supervisor will most likely change a good five times throughout the year. Just go with it.

10. The discounts are actually incredible. Take all the advantage you can.

11. Get emails of everyone who comes in to speak- they'll usually be open to chatting and it's always good to have the connection.

12. Be excited and active in the group. It's so pointless (and looks terrible on you) to show up and not contribute to the discussion.

13. Your supervisor will blast a mix of 2013 Top 40 the entire time and once you get over yourself, it can actually be fun.

Good luck to all the incoming applicants this year!