Wednesday, June 1, 2016


   Hi. I started this blog allllllll the way back in 2013 when wearing vests and skinny jeans were cool. Yeah. 2013 was kind of a weird year for everyone I guess and I'm sure anyone living presently in 2016 feels differently about themselves. I'm not really sure everyone has a thirteen year old version of themselves living on the Internet currently. Because I do. I say this with such seriousness that How Fitting is something I take such incredible pride in and kind of get more protective than I should over. I love this blog. I love to have somewhere that feels so much like "home" to write in. However, I have grown up. Not only has my style changed, but also my views, passions, and overall self for that matter. I'm a teenager, I'm supposed to do that.
   This year has been pretty rough for How Fitting. Every other post seems like an apology for not writing and I guess that's not an ideal to run. I've been writing though. I've been writing SO much for so many people, it's always been my "dream" to work for an online publication and now I work for three. And I LOVE that. I'm writing stuff that I'm in love with and I'm in love with writing. So why have I been doing none of it here? I soon realized it was due to pressure. I'm scared of the ever so personal audience How Fitting has recruited and all the people I don't want to look embarrassing in front of. I'm terrified of that.
   The idea of not having a blog though made me feel immensly empty in a way- I need a space for writing that's MINE so I took to finding it and in the process, created a Tumblr blog called Glitter Vulture that I'm really really excited about to be honest. When putting together GV, I began with the idea of abandoning How Fitting but that really hurt. I hated the idea of leaving behind this three year project I've fallen in love with over the years, it didn't seem right.
   So here's the deal: I'm not leaving HF and I'm not leaving GV either, I have so many ideas and style inspirations why not have TWO blogs?? To clear things up, GV is a more metropolitan take on my style, expect strictly beauty, lifestyle, and style posts (a little more serious than here). And for HF, I intend to stay the same. Keeping with more photos that I really love like me sitting in a backyard holding plastic flowers and feminist essays and various Harry Styles fangirling.
This is the last apology post I'm making. More coming soon (at least) once a week along with better content on both blogs.
Much love,

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