Tuesday, March 29, 2016

sad fuzz

    LONG break. Longest one I've taken from here. Wow. Lots been happening, lots is in the works. I think I've been so busy with so many different publications the thought of focusing on my own was terrifying. It's still kinda terrifying. Anyways, while I was gone, this thing turned 3 years old and oh my that is so so weird. I mean when I first started How Fitting, I was 13 years old and in 7th grade and not only has my music taste and style changed, but just my overall personality. It's quite funny and embarrassing to look back at some of this stuff. As I said, I've been on some adventures lately and just wanted to check in on what I've been up to. I've missed this.

 Art in the Lower East side. I ended up seeing a show at ABC No Rio with a couple of friends and there's such an endless amount of murals in the area- also gave me a large bit of nostalgia from going on a date and walking from Astor to Soho to Greenwich back to Astor to Union Square and finally ending up in the 1st Ave Garden; this was back in October and the murals were just being painted (I distinctly remember that woman) and seeing it all up and finished was kind of surreal and beautiful.
 It happened. Somehow me and one of my close friends ended up at the 5th Ave Build a Bear. I've never felt more alive ever.
Dreams really do come true! Though my deep and ever growing hatred of Times Square is still very much alive, we ended up having to drop into the Guitar Center to pick up strings for my classical (that is still very much broken) and this fine establishment was right next door!

Frank!! This is kind of embarrassing and with me having panic attacks and my anxiety was on high the entire day, I couldn't really call this a gr8 night but overall good last hoorah of being emo (spoiler alert: it was just a phase).
Anyways, wait a sec for real posts to be coming out soon.

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  1. Build a Bear is one of the greatest places ever, did you make one?